Lucky Star Desu

April 19, 2007


The anime has the best opening ever to be fair. Well maybe not the best ever but the cutest I’ve seen in a while. And that song… I know few people who don’t have that song on repeat (seriously its a catchy tune) but what is the purpose of Lucky Star? I know its based on the 4koma comics (comics with four panels to each strip) so it was bound to be a random affair from the start. So the disjointed stories and slightly strange approach came as no surprise to me at all.

I bought the Onegai Teacher artbook aaaages ago from Borders and I remember the person with me saying Anime was just all porn really. I think he may have reffered to it all as child porn as one of the characters is 21 but looks about 12. We as anime viewers probably don’t notice all the schoolgirls and their outfits and aspects that may lead people who never watch Anime to think only weirdos watch it. I mean I know that if I sat one of my friends down in front of Lucky Star they would immediately question why Kagami is so happy Blue Haired Girl came to visit her when she was sick and why did she get s flustered! God knows what they would think if I sat them down in front of Cardcaptor Sakura!

Have we become desensitized to Anime so we don’t see the harm in any of it anymore or are people who don’t watch much anime just being silly?



  1. Lucky Star = Azumanga Daioh 2.0

  2. I’m starting to get used to this show. Not as funny as Azumanga though T_T

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