Anime and Women

April 20, 2007

Does Anime objectify Women?

A common misconception by the person who watches no Anime is that women in Anime are big boobed sex objects. I realise I have put that quite bluntly but it’s true. I can’t deny that there are big boobed sexy women in Anime and that a lot of the women are pretty… I think it’s hard to draw an ugly Anime woman but you can prove me wrong on that one. But I don’t think that being sexy makes you any less enpowered.

This image probably illustrated what a lot of people think about women in Anime. Its obviously a pinup picture from Full Metal Panic, and there are lots of pinup pictures like this for all animes! I don’t think I’ve seen an anime where there is not an obligatory fan service bathing suit image. But I guess thats just the normal process when it comes to Anime. There is always artwork from the Anime which is usually used for posters and promitional work and magazines and they have to have a range of images. One is usually a pinup image. Newtype have a pinup pullout every month in their magazine. I have one of Chii on my wall, its hot and I love it.

What I always wondered is why a woman can’t be sexy and enpowered. Using your looks isn’t a bad thing in my book, I mean you shouldn’t rely entirely on them but you can use them to your advantage. So I was thinking what hot anime women do I know of that are really strong characters and are in no way to be looked upon as something to be created to just make men drool. I mean I can hardly see Haruko from FLCL submitting to a man and Haruhi is motherfucking GOD. She creates everyone and so I can hardly see her submitting to men either! So I think people shouldn’t judge anime too badly.

Yes. We like hot girls. But we like our hot girls to have some.. personality 😉



  1. You’re right, but then again, it’s Japan, and I think that about says it all. 😉

  2. You should start posting again.

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