Sun In My Mouth

April 22, 2007

The best lesson to learn in life is to be open minded about everything, thus allowing you to attach and detach at will without any significant shock. I guess this same rule could be applied to music.

Unlike most things in life, music is pretty consistent. Consistently bad or consistently good but nonetheless it’s there pretty much on call. I’ve been at that point where I’m sitting in my own world, headphones on and completely lost in the moment (I’m sure we’ve all been there). I had the Joni Mitchell album ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’ album on heavy rotation the other night and I was completely captivated. 30 years prior to that moment Prince, Madonna, Morrissey and Elvis Costello were at that same point.

What point am I making here? Simple, we have all this wealth at our disposal, all these confessions, and odes to love lost and found, death, life and unexpected circumstance (the bible of reality). Be it ‘Fall out Boy’ to the obscura of ‘Coco Rosie’, we should acknowledge that regardless of individual taste we are being shaped and influenced and more importantly we are communicating with ourselves. We are finding solace in people who feel and who have felt like ourselves at some point. If we took this on board and identified the similarities in ALL genres of music, perhaps we wouldn’t feel the need to be categorised into being “emo”, “rock chic” or other crude subcultures that only serve to provide a commercial opportunity for those who never really gave a shit anyway.

Go back people, if you like rock; go back to its roots. Your Beth Orton’s et al, what influenced them? In fact, why just apply it to musical tastes, why not general everyday life. People spend years trying to understand their boyfriends/girlfriends unaware that the answers are there screaming at you, in their music tastes, their dress style, the books they read and the plants on their window pane not in their ability to pick up a plate, catch a bus or anything else considered to be generally mundane.

Thank you Maryam for allowing me (and others) to contribute to this little blog. I’m not yet an Anime convert, so I was pleased when you decided to incorporate other topics. I’ve chosen music (yes really). I plan to submit some reviews and thoughts occasionally for you all to digest. Just thought I should upload something to begin with.

Oh, if in doubt, read it a few times more. It will make sense eventually 😉



  1. That was a really good post (: You’re so wise Paul, your words are very true.


    I hope you post more and that this inspires other people to post too!


  2. Well done!

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