Air TV

April 23, 2007

I’ve been watching Air Tv in stages for the past week or so and I have to say its the most heartbreaking Anime I have ever seen. I cried quite a bit. It’s not just me either, practically everyone I know who has watched Air has cried.

Anime can be surprisingly Deep sometimes and I forget this. I mainly watch comedies and ecchi and so I forget at how serious Anime can be and how just like TV dramas and films it is filled with Sub-Genres and characters and plots that are developed throughout the series till you have a real connection with the characters and their plight. You feel their pain. I don’t know any animation in the West that has made me cry. Well the Little Mermaid made me cry when I was 6 but that was because I was young and couldn’t see why she was happy to never see her family again. When I got older it all became obvious to me!

I don’t want to give away anything about Air because even though I assume most of the readers of this blog have either watched it or will never watch it I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone that might but I was amazed at how well thought out it was. There was an array of characters at the start that all have their own story that is connected to Yukito Kunisaki in some way, and all these stories conclude as the series unfolds to leave us with Misuzo and her heartbreaking tale. I was amazed at this Anime. This is the kind of thing I would sit people who scoff at Anime as being for kids down too and make them watch because it would make their opinons do a spin (not a 360 one that would be silly :D). No childrens Cartoon is like this.

It’s not just Air though. What about Serial Experiments Lain? I watched that show when I was about 15 years old and its a total headfuck for want of a better word. It totally messes with your mind. This anime deals with philosophical subjects such as reality, identity, and communication. What Western Cartoon does that? The writers and director of Lain wanted to show its target audience “the multidimensional wavelength of the existential self: the relationship between self and the world” Lain loses herself in the wired and many kids today lose themselves in the Interweb. She gets to a point where she has drifted so far away from her friends and family that she can no longer interact with people. I’m sure there are kids like that today, so addicted to WoW they don’t actually have a life outside of it.

Anime pushes bondaries. Not all Anime is amazing, granted but the stuff that is amazing is so well made and makes you think so much. Its Deep, and people should start seeing that, or at least giving it a go to try and see it.



  1. Wouldn’t a 360° turn mean they’re doing a full spin and keep going the way they went before? 😛

    And I think the reason why so many people still say anime is for kids is because TV cartoons are becoming worse and worse these days. Worse drawn, worse animated, and most of all, all are lame Tom & Jerry Ripoffs or basically toy lines with a show attached.

    Or so it seems to the cynic. There are exceptions to this of course (I for one admit to watching Avatar. It’s a tad shallow, but I works.) but every time I turn on the TV and see a show like “X-ducks” I just want to puke a little.

  2. Ah yeah xD see this is why I need to plan my entries! Cheers ❤

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