Romeo x Juliet

April 27, 2007


RomeoxJuliet is an anime adaptation of William Shakespears play (obvioulsy) that began airing in Japan in April 2007 and is directed by Fumitoshi Oisaki. I’m a bit behind on this one because it’s now up to episode 4 and I’m still on episode two but I blame the catching up of Death Note and the distraction of Air for that one!

Its rather interesting to see a classic and well known play taken on in an Anime style. I essentially thought it would just be a standard retelling of Romeo and Juliet just done in an anime style, kind of like Akage No Anne, but this has really surprised me. Its like Romeo and Juliet meeds a Ghibli movie! The story is set in NeoVerona which is a floating city and starts with the Motague family raiding the ruling Capulets palace and killing all of the Capulets bar Juliet who escapes with her companion on a winged horse-dragon type thing.

We are then skipped 14 years into the future where we see Juliet is passing herself off as a boy and living in hiding with Cordelia (her friend who escaped with her), Conrad (exguard and now Juliets protector) and his son. I quite like the fact they are in hiding in a Theatre which is run by a character called Willy, who is essentially William Shakespear! I thought that was quite clever. I don’t want to give much away here, but I really do reccomend this Anime. Its such a clever take on the play and brings the whole thing to life in a totally new light.


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  1. I’m so excited to watch this, and the anime looks absolutely gorgeous! Great jorb!

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