Tattoo Me!

April 27, 2007

I’m not very good at posting my opinions on things, because I’m never too sure what to say, but I’m pretty good at posting cool pictures. These are just a few tattoos I found and thought were pretty neat. 🙂
I’ve actually been looking into getting a tattoo (or two, or three). I suppose it really depends on money and if I can find someone to do them. I have an idea.. I will look into it. 😡 Do any of you have tattoos? And if you do, what are they? I’m just curious. 🙂


  1. the first one is hella gay xD

    the last one is drawn badly ):


  2. That unicorn is way, WAAAAY too much. I didn’t really like most of those. Maybe the heart with the skyline in it, but the other ones were rather so-so.

  3. I’m a lurk from Gabe’s LJ.

    Here are mine:
    Left leg – I’m from Pennsylvania, which is the Keystone State.
    It’s a keystone surrounded by the state motto and the state flower (the mountain laurel).

    Right leg – I’ve lived in Georgia for almost 9 years, and for most of that time, I hated it.
    Georgia is the peach state, so this is a rotten peach surrounded by an atheist quote, because I still hate living in the Bible Belt.

    Feet – Family with a ladybug because my mom used to call me ‘ladybug’ when I was little.
    Friendship with my favourite sushi (eel nigiri), because my two best friends and I all got our favourite sushi tattooed on us that day.

    The next thing I do is going to be a half sleeve of traditional work (a mermaid, a horseshoe, a black cat, an eagle, a spider web on my elbow, etc.).

    It all needs to mean something to you. Personally, I didn’t like any of the tattoos you posted. Party because they aren’t the style that I like. Thing is, I didn’t start getting tattooed until I was 21. Legal age is 18 here, and if I had gotten tattooed at 18, I’d have some shit that I’d be seriously embarrassed about.

    Think about it long and hard and make sure it means something to you. You really can’t go wrong if you do that. Even though I like living in Atlanta now, I now see my peach as representing my coming of age as an adult, so it still has tons of meaning.

  4. Haha, I just posted the unicorn because it made me go “Wow.. What?” and I thought it was funny.

    I love the skyline in the heart.

    I’m thinking of getting three tattos:

    A cherry/dogwood tree on my right shoulder with petals going across the top of my back, like the wind is blowing.

    A robot with headphones, (haha). Don’t know where yet.

    And this modified a bit and maybe in greys and blacks. Probably across my mid back.

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