What is it about MMORPG’s that makes me Squee?

May 9, 2007

I love MMORPG’s. For all of you out there who don’t know what they are here is a brief summary for you. MMORPG stands for Massively Multimedia Online Role Playing Game. It’s a genre of RPG Game where a large number of individuals interact with each other via the internet. You assume a fictional character (or more than one) and build it up through levelling and quests within the games World. I love MMORPG’s; they are by far my favourite platform when it comes to gaming. But what is it about them that gets me so excited?

Essentially it’s the interactivity. I love the fact that I can play an MMORPG with literally thousands of different people online. It’s weird how easy it is to adapt into these sorts of communities. I remember the first MMORPG I ever played was Ragnarok Online and I loved playing it because I got to play with people I already knew online. I think perhaps being so involved with the Anime Forums gang made it easier to become addicted. I loved playing with my friends from a4 so much. It gave them all an image to put to the personas I knew and it made them feel more real. But it wasn’t only that aspect of interactivity that attracted me, it was the thing about Clans and Guilds aswell …” Many MMORPGs exploit their players’ social skills and offer support for in-game guilds or clans (though these will usually form whether the game supports them or not). As a result many players will find themselves as either a member or a leader of such a group after playing a MMORPG for some time.”… When I played Guild Wars I didn’t know anyone on the server. I didn’t know anyone who played Guild Wars full stop actually but I made friends and was invited to join a Guild. I liked being in a Guild! Is that lame? I liked that I had people to go on missions with and people to share things with me and people to help me kill big bad bosses. I love the fact that MMORPG’s bring communities and people into my room (not literally xD) and let me interact and lose myself in the game. It’s a form of Escapism really isn’t it?

It can be argued that the social interactions experienced through playing MMORPG’s aren’t actually real, but I’m not sure. The people you talk to on these games are real. I’ve met people I’ve played MMORPG’s with and they are indeed real. It’s all to do with whether or not you think the people you befriend online are as valid as the people you befriend offline. I think they are, I have friends who I have met online and known for years and then actually met in person and they are just as great and as dear to me as people I know who live near me. I know when we start an MMORPG now we try and get a balanced group together so that when we all go out on quests together we have a better chance of succeeding. Each character type plays its own role within the game so to have a successful team you need to make use of all the roles. Also when building your character you have to remember each type has a different statistic pattern that you need to put all your experience points into. The better you manage your points the better your character will be. Its hard work playing these MMORPG’s you gotta think loads!

As I’ve been writing this I’ve been researching into MMORPG’s and there is actually so much to say about them! I didn’t realise so many people had written articles and done studies into them. So I will end this post for now but I’m sure I will venture into the realm of explaining my addiction again when I have read up more 😀



  1. Oh lord the memories. THE MAMMARIES. Farming MVP’s on my pimped out transcended sincross, tearing through some pixelated bitches like they were buttah back on qRO. Maybe we should play again?

    We all know what happens when Jon gets MMO ideas. Shit happens.


    I found a new MMORPG called Tales of Pirates 😀 you should get it ^_^

  3. Holy Syncronicity.

    Just so happens I’ve been playing Online games (namely Phantasy Star Online).

    I say experiences and relationships online are valid. What difference does it make whether you talk to someone on the phone, over the internet, or face to face?

  4. Good point, Mr. Dan-person.

    😦 You guysss.

    Stop liking an mmo for 3 days then stopping. It takes me that long to get acquainted with the buttons and items and weapons. v_v

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