Scrubs-Trend Setter

May 15, 2007

For those of you who have been living in a bubble for the past 6 years, Scrubs is a non-traditional sitcom that airs on Thursday nights on NBC. If you are asking yourself, “What does he mean by non-traditional sitcom”, well I will get to that in a minute. Over the past five years, a grip of dramas have been appearing that are using the “Scrubs formula”, whether in its entirety like Grey’s Anatomy, or bits and pieces of it. Let me further explain.

The main reason why I am about to write a long review of Scrubs is for two main reasons. One, to prove to the all the fanboys and girls of Grey’s Anatomy that their coveted show, though great, is nothing original, and would probably not have happened if it weren’t for Scrubs, which did most of what Grey’s did first (and everything else was done by ER first in some shape or form). The second is to prove the point that Scrubs set the new trend of using TV shows to push indie musical talents upon the masses (by indie i mean the most mainstream and digestible part of indie whereas Scrubs still from time to time uses indie indie music thanks to Zach Braff).

From the start of the 1st ep of Scrubs, Bill Lawerence, with the aid of Zach Braff (J.D. on the show) used music as an integral part in telling the story of each epiosode. This ranged from using awesome songs from the 80’s as a comedic tool, or where Scrubs succeeds and has had the most influence on current TV shows, using up and coming indie artists (usually singer/songwriter) to add an emotional twist to each character. Prior to Scrubs, jokes, and personality quirks were used to familiarize a character with the viewer. But Scrubs took that a step further and added well suited music to allow the viewer to further engage themselves in the show and make an almost personal connection with a character. As far as I am concerned, I relate to JD, for I see him as an exaggerated and genernal version of myself. This is another thing Scrubs did great, making their characters have realistic traits and problems that are in no way exaggerated for dramatic purposes. Sure the scenarios that lead to huge laughs may be, but the personal drama’s are all very real, and one most people have been through. This is what, in my opinion, has made the Scrubs the huge success it is. Personal relevancy to people in their late teens, coupled with an amazing showcase of music that one might not have been exposed to otherwise.

So how is Grey’s Anatomy basically a ripoff of Scrubs? Lets break it down shall we ? Grey’s Anatomy is about a group of interns who when the show started where in their first year (just like scrubs). Each character is developed through their interactions with each other, their respective residents, and patients. (just like scrubs). The main character, Grey, has internal monologue all through the show to further develop her and assess each situation as they occur in the show. Something that is a trademark of Scrubs and the main character JD. Lastly, the music that is showcased in Grey’s Anatomy at first was composed of many artists who Scrubs has been using for years, but lately it now seems like Sony and other labels like to push new songs from their artists on the show (a little commerical I know). The main difference between Grey and Scrubs is the exaggerated dramatic scenarios that appear Grey’s Anatomy, and the slightly bigger emphasis on medicine and hopsitial situations. But in the end, Grey’s Anatomy like Scrubs, uses the subject of the show to progress personal drama in an attempt to relate to the common viewer. Only thing is that despite Scrubs being a comedy, it is more realistic in terms of the personal drama.

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, Scrubs is my favorite TV show of all time. Not because I think its the funniest, or has the best actors, but because this show has taught me more things about myself, life, and most recently, is responsible for me being with the amazing girlfriend and for the first time in my life being in love. So readers of PD, if you have not yet allowed yourself to enjoy the awesome staff at Sacred Heart, I urge you all to start watching Scrubs, it will surely make you feel, which is something TV has lacked as of late (by feel I mean real emotions, and don’t get me wrong, there are alot of amazing TV shows).



  1. You’re such a fanboy. I’m gonna nitpick. 😛 Bear with me while I ramble.

    It’s incredibly stupid to think a TV show has ripped off another because they share similar ideas, or even to believe that one is better than the other.

    In the past there are have been plenty medical dramas, and comedies too. In the same sense, you could say Scrubs has ripped off M.A.S.H.

    And let’s not get started on indie music, because it’s practically everywhere these days. It’s hip and what’s happening, so speak.

    “Each character is developed through their interactions with each other, their respective residents, and patients.”

    You just described the format of a thousand tv shows, excluding the titles of ‘residents’ and ‘patients.’

  2. You forgot one thing: Grey’s Anatomy isn’t funny. At all.

    Look, Meredith, fuck him or don’t fuck him or whatever, I don’t care at this point. I really don’t.

  3. I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, as I never watch TV.. But I’ve seen every episode of Scrubs (up until the most recent ones of season 6) and I love it. 🙂

  4. I thought Greys Anatomy was more serious and more about Doctors getting it on… I do love Scrubs though but I’ve never thought Greys was anything like it apart from the doctors things.

  5. I love Scrubs. But I can’t compare it to Greys Anatomy. I hate Greys Anatomy. I’d have Dr. Kelso’s babies.

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