Things You Find On 4Chan

May 15, 2007

Things Found on 4chan

Hello WordPress. Pink Domino is here to rock your world. 😉



  1. eto…eto..ne?

  2. I’d have sex with her brother, if you know what I mean.

  3. Shit, that’s not what I meant!

  4. Oh sweet Jesus.

  5. First I was going to chastise whoever posted this, but I’ll get in the shit if I chastise the boss. Curse you, Mary-ums!

  6. It HAD to posted. It was screaming too. IT WAS SCREAMING WITH THE SEVERED HEAD OF HER BROTHER 😀

  7. I thought this was a family site!

  8. Of coruse it’s a family site, it’s her brother after all, right? XD

  9. That’s a horribly good point.

  10. We stand for good family values here! Share all you experiences with your nearest and dearest.

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