Josh’s Music Corner

May 22, 2007

So this post is basically going to describe what it is I will be doing on Pink Domino. Basically I am going to stick to reviewing new albums (mainly Rock/Singer-songwriter/Indie/Punk or any other really good albums). I will also upload preview tracks for upcoming albums (I wont upload full albums unless its an album that is hard to get, trying to remain professional and supportative of the bands), and tracks from artists of the month and such. I will also do requests (if there is an album you want reviewed or to preview). In addition to all of this I will update every week or so with a “New In Music” type post, posting news in the music world and giving a list of Album Release dates and or big shows. Again, I will be mainly keeping track of the genres I listed above, if there is a genre any of you would like me to keep track of, I will do so per request (just drop a comment in this post).

So lets get to it shall we ?

So as of now I will give a mini update.


Linkin Park-Minutes to Midnight (released a week ago today)

The Used-Liars for Liars (released today)

The Starting Line-(Last week of July)

Punk Goes Accoustic 2-(Two weeks ago from today)

Understand I will have actual dates next update ^_^

As of now my host is having issues, so I will upload the two tracks tomorrow or later today.


One comment

  1. I am looking forward to the new The Starting Line Album SO MUCH! Also loving Punk Goes Acoustic2 and the new Linkin Park one 😀

    Look forward to Josh’s Music Corner Posts!

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