Cosplay SHAME! Why oh Why do you do it?

May 25, 2007

Cosplay is the art of dressing up as your favourite Anime/Manga/Video Games Character for conventions and shows. Its a serious business. People really get into making their costumes and showing them off. I never knew it was such a big deal and it leaves me begging the question as to why? I think most Western Cosplay is a waste of time. The Japanese do it well, they always look amazing and their costumes are always great. They actually look the part. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule, while most Western Cosplayers look ridiculous a few do manage to pull it off.. but for those very few there are a million who look bad. You think I’m being harsh? Really? I present my evidence…

Why do they do it? Why do overweight Anime fans think they would look good dressed up as hot Anime girls? Just because you put on an outfit that a hot Anime girl like a Sailor Scout, or Asuka, or Rei or any Final Fantasy girl does not mean you will magically become that attractive, if anything it makes you look more hideous because you are in tight clothing that makes us SEE your unsightly bulges. You will not win any prizes! You will just make people feel sick. What I don’t get is why people go out dressed this bad? I mean don’t they see how bad they look? Cosplay meet ups seem to be a place for the fat and nerdy to feel sexy and I’ve got nothing against that it’s just I can’t see why they would make outfits and pick characters so unsuited to them. I know if I ever choose to Cosplay I could probably pull of being Haruhi but thats because I have the figure for it. I would never Cosplay a Haruhi if I weighted near on 200 pounds!

Lets take a look at one bad Cosplayer in detail. I showed this image to my co-author here at PD MonkeyBastard aka Joel. This is what he said:

camel toe is not always good.

This lovely young lady is cosplay as a Final Fantasy Character in an outfit that is mainly just her bra. Its actually disturbingly bad. I wonder why she decided to don an orange spandex leotard that was at least 5 sizes to small for her and showed off her ugly granny bra to the world. Not only does it do that but it makes her downstairs parts squish and she has some serious camel toe action going on. Granted she looks so proud and I bet she feels really sexy in it but the truth of that matter is that she was probably the laughing stock of that Convention. Not a laughing stock in the Sailor Bubba kind of way either, he was meant to be funny this one is just funny because its so horribly bad.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t just hate fat cosplayers. I mean skinny ones can look just as bad as fat ones and male and female are both as bad as each other. I think they should introduce Cosplay laws and have a screening process where the bad get taken out so the runway shows are easier to watch. Of course if they did that though all the amusement of people dressed up badly and thinking they look hot would be taken out of Anime Conventions and they wouldn’t be as fun.

Come on. Do you think this woman looks hot? or remotely like ANY Final Fantasy girl you have ever seen? No i didn’t think you did.

Now don’t all gang up on me because I think Cosplay is lame. I know someone is bound to whine “but you’ve never tried it and you don’t know what it’s like” and to them I will say in October I will Cosplay at the London Anime Expo, and when I do it I will look damn good. There may be lots of overweight anime geeks that want to go out looking like fools but this not overweight young anime geek will not go out looking retarded. When I Cosplay it will blow them away. (; So I will leave you now with some GOOD Cosplay examples. Just to help you get over the horror that is above me.

Take Care Pink Domino Readers x



  1. What is this reddish liquid from my eyes…



    • Okay, first, why the hell would you do this kind of thing? Cosplay is not necessarily a serious business, it’s all about dressing up as your favorite character and having fun! I cosplay and I live in the US and I have seen thousands of amazing cosplayers at cons and meetups with different body shapes and skin color. Who cares if they’re overweight? They look amazing in these costumes! Honestly, the REAL question would be “Why oh why would you judge cosplayers?” Cosplay is costume play and it is meant for EVERYONE! You are being very rude shaming these wonderful girls above who probably worked their butts off to make these costumes! And all these other people who have sided with you DISGUST me! How would you feel if you were just browsing the internet and all of a sudden you see a picture of you on this website and they are talking about how ugly or fat you look and so many other people agree with the blogger. How would you fell/ Horrible, right? TREAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! Golden Rule people! I mean, you probably all have low self-esteem and you need to feel better about yourselves by shaming other people! How dare you! It doesn’t make you a better person and it doesn’t benefit you or the other person! These girls look AMAZING in their cosplay and I hope they keep it up! Cosplay is so amazing and it lets people to be free and be themselves! I hope I have taught you a lesson of being a decent human being with common sense.

  2. xD

    I love you Drew

  3. This entry is rather…interesting.

    I usually don’t have a problem with larger ladies and lads Cosplaying, but if you’re going to cosplay a character who has a different figure than your own, at least make it look tasteful and wear something that actually fits you, pardon, let me rephrase that; Something that doesn’t fit you and squish your naughty bits.

    No one wants to see your camel toes ladies…and men..your moose knuckles.


    That girl with the katana fucking PWNS them all.

  5. Dromedary foot digit!

  6. I agree with LolitaNeko. If larger people want to cosplay in different types of costumes, I think it is ok as long as they take fitting into consideration. I’m a big girl & I love to cosplay, but I try to stay away from things that would obviously look ridiculous (like the orange spandex costume).

    I think that you’re being overly harsh to all of the regular cosplayers that actually put more time & effort into their costumes. The above bad cosplayers (other than the Sailor Moon) are bad not because of their size, but because they obviously put little to no effort in their costumes. The Sailor Moon girl’s costume looks well detailed & she obviously enjoyed wearing it. Would I have worn it? Probably not until I lost some weight, but hey- if it makes her happy that’s all that matters. Besides, I bet for every loser who sniggered about her behind her back there was a person that said that she looked great.

    As far as the people who would snigger about the larger cosplayers who did put time & effort into their costumes, grow up. So what if someone dressed up as a 200lb Haruhi? It’s not like you know them or seeing them is really going to damage you or the show. As a matter of fact, you’re unlikely to ever see them again after that weekend (if not unlikely to see them after that day). Why not spend that time more constructively & cosplay more?

  7. I think you’re wrong. Do all cosplayers have to be skinny? No. This looks like you and other who are against fat cosplayers – roughly said but that’s not the matter – think you can make laws about who can cosplay and how?
    Pathetic I’d say… and so sad .__. If people like to cosplay then let them do it. It’s about having fun not being rated by some nameless people who take photos of them and after some time blame them at internet.

  8. Some people just can’t do anything about their physique. It’s not their fault if they have big bones or big muscles. Who you think you are? Do you really think you are you so perfect that you can mock people just like that? You are not perfect. I am not perfect. NOBODY IS PERFECT. People like you make me sick.

  9. “Don’t get me wrong I don’t just hate fat cosplayers. I mean skinny ones can look just as bad as fat ones and male and female are both as bad as each other. ”


    Read properly.
    I have nothing against large people cosplaying, just they should think twice before putting spandex on!

  10. I read that. But it’s wrong to judge others (like that girl cosplaying Sailor Moon) by their physique. I’m not skinny but when I was cosplaying as Pell from One Piece nobody complained about that. And cosplay costumes don’t have to be perfect. Not everybody is a professional dressmaker. I’m not very good at sewing; I don’t even have a sewing machine. But I made a good costume with my grandmother’s old sewing machine and got many apraisals. It wasn’t just like Pell’s costume but it was ALMOST like it. I didn’t try to look sexy or anything but many people took a photograph.

  11. […] 26, 2008 Ok, so I’ve been getting a lot of stick for the Article I wrote a while back on how some people just shouldn’t cosplay. I stand by what I said, I still think if you are gonna Cosplay you should do something that suits […]

  12. I know exactly what you are saying. I don’t mind it when ‘larger’ people cosplay usually…but the problem is they tend to buy or make costumes made for thin people. It is sort of like modeling where the typical runway size is a size 2, and if an overweight person squeezed into something that small, it would only look sick and mis-shapen (No offense). That is what is going on with cosplay. Overweight people CAN cosplay, but it much easier on the eyes when thinner people do.

    I think that is problem…

  13. Don’t take back what you said, Drew! You’re right – fat cosplayers just don’t understand that what they’re wearing is ugly. The concept is exactly like extremely fat women who then wear tight-fitting blouses. Why do it? Do you like looking like a gelatinous blob?

    Keep speaking the truth, Drew. ^_~

  14. I’ll get straight to the point. I am the Rei Ayanami in that picture. Okay granted my Rei costume was bad and I did weigh so much more. But that was nearly THREE years ago when that happened and I was just a beginning cosplayer back then. I’ll brag alittle; I have come a far long way with my cosplay since then and I have gotten many praises for all the costumes I’ve had after that Rei one. I still don’t understand why people get onto me for a bad costume I made years ago.

    No matter how bad a costume or artwork is or how someones body image is, I think it’s wrong to make cruel comments to an extreme. I’m not writing this to flame anyone or the writters of this article. I’m just here to say that I am proud of being a cosplayer even though I’ve made some cosplay mistakes in the past.

    • you blinded me with that monstrosity of a belly. Go hop on a Treadmill and go life some weights like the rest of us.

      • As the saying goes: If you have nothing constructive to say, /shut up/.

        In other words, fuck off.

  15. I agree with the girl above, every cosplayer’s had a bad costume or taken a bad photo, you shouldn’t pick on people because of it! I’m a size-zero cosplayer and I’ve had plenty of awful photos! OK, so every cosplayer bitches with their friends now and again but it’s mean to put that stuff up on a public webpage where everyone can read it.

  16. I love how all who rag on cosplay have to use the same pictures. And the ones who rag on cosplay don’t cosplay because they are to afraid of what people will say. And do you know why Japan looks better in the pictures? They photoshop the hell out of them, they don’t make their own costumes they buy professional ones, they spend 5,000 dollars or more on costumes, and they are photographed by professionals. Hate to tell you, most people look like shit with disposable cameras. Yes, I do think people should cosplay a character that fits their forms. But if you make your own costume, kudos to you for putting your love into your work.

    • This is actually true. Buying Japanese Anime costumes in the west is difficult as opposed to buying Western Super Hero costumes.

  17. I feel as though cosplayers in general are using cosplay to escape…i feel as though these people are insecure and have a rather shy outcome in life, causing them to either feel ugly or to hide who they really are…which is why they look up to these “characters” to begin with (they want to be like them…,good looking, strong, confident, funny, even sometimes a little bad ass.) to the point where they will deliberately dress up and act like them…the real reason cosplay was invented was to show who your favorite anime and or manga character was (supporting the team colors per say)…but now has gone over board and is now being used as an escape from reality, from their stress and or dull lives…that is why chubby girls wear such tight clothes and that is why friends glomp each other or wear cat ears to school…its a form of stress reliever or a way to seek attention….because if people were so confident in their own selves all the time there would be no heroes everyone would be there own and wear what they had in their closet…FAT women are proven to be the most stressed out of society and they want to not be so they seek others to make them feel better humans are drawn to things that help us ease our lives (you don’t see a child run to a boa constrictor when he/she is hurt, no they go to there parents to escape the pain.) it is true i am being hypocritical right now i too enjoy a good comic book…but i don’t go running around with giant black trench coat and blonde spiky hair…and yes it is fun to dress up (and they have a day for that too …Halloween..when the entire world is dressed up) so if the stressed world would channel there stress to another topic we would not need to find salvation in false heroes and in fact in everyday heroes (like police officers or fire men)so cosplay was invented to become something fan-girls and fan-boys could have a false hope to relieve stress…if you like anime and mangas show up to a convention looking like your self i bet the people there will notice you more so upon your true self and they may feel that they don’t have to dress up at an ugly version of naruto too….buuuuuuut if your going to dress up and forget all that i have just said make sure you don’t bring down the show and or manga with your ill judgment….why watch a show when you saw a person crush that show like a bug by dressing up as an ill form of it…be smart and go as your self…

  18. there’s a big cosplay event in Roppongi Tokyo that looks really fun to be at

  19. This is some funny stuff

  20. First off you’re a jerk.

    The japanese are not the only ones who do it well.
    Prime example: http://www.tv-aichi.co.jp/wcs/past/images/2008_01.jpg <– That is Brazil They won the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) in 2008. The Japanese are just the ones who started it. There are a lot of them that do it well but they are NOT the only ones.

    As far as plus-sized cosplayers good for them for not caring about what jerks like you think, and some skinny cosplayers still look like crap.

  21. I’m of two minds on this matter. On the one hand if one desires a believable cosplay, one should put work into themselves and their costume. Either be prepared to do some major sewing or shell out some major cash. However, this is a hobby, something that one does for fun. Dont get so caught up with looking good that you miss out on what cosplay is all about. Just having a good time.

  22. Co-pay?

    If you are indeed serious, This should be your answer.

    In short, cosplay is short for “costume play”.

  23. meh. i think if you’re fat, just cosplay as a snorlax. problem solved.

  24. People like me have no shame of cosplaying. I don’t mind that I’m overweight. We do it for fun. It’s not like we’re trying to impress men atleast… or some are, I dont know.

    Don’t be a troll, man. Don’t ruin our fun. ._.

  25. AHAHAHAHAHAHA you are my new favorite person. I stumbled upon this sight after some weird fat girl in my class showed me pictures and I totally agree. There’s no magic costume that will make you cute like anime characters sooo people should stop expecting it to.

  26. Oh hell no, You should not be picking on people they all have bad cosplay sometimes. Im goingout cosplaying for the first time soon and you know why? Cause I like animes and its fun to dress as anime characters

  27. I can understand your point of view, but at the same time, try to understand ours. We try our best to have fun. Some of us have pretty high confidence, which is why we do it, but not everyone does. I agree that certain bits need to be …. well, evened out and more properly done. But if your poor n you wanna cosplay something, you do what you can with what you have. This is my 3rd year of cosplaying and I am technically considered to be one of those “overweight cosplayers”. Try to be more thoughtful before you criticize. All people have feelings and I feel bad for those poor girls you humiliated by posting their pictures in here without their permission.

  28. First of all, ignore the people giving you hate for this. You have every right to voice your opinion. Second, I agree completely.
    The argument “cosplay is for fun” goes down the drain when these misguided cosplayers post their pictures all over the internet with the notion they’re pulling it off. Which they’re not.
    All in all, if you are going to bitch about people laughing at your fail cosplay, don’t post publically, smartass. Do US a favor.
    Furthermore, overweight bodies are no joke. It’s unhealthy. Put more time into your health, not your cosplay.

    • Fuck you. You’re a judgemental prick. I’m sure it’s easy for you to sit back behind the “internet wall” and shoot this bullshit at people. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. People shouldn’t post overweight cosplays because YOU don’t want to see it? Well you don’t have to fucking look at it. Do US all a favor, shut your fucking rat mouth and move along. Seriously, way to go by snagging photos of these girls who are just doing what they love, and publicly shaming them because they don’t meet your own skewed standards. You blockhead piece of shit.

  29. I think this is quite rude and you seem rather narcissistic. It doesn’t matter if they look good or not. They obviously like what they’re doing and they’re having fun. If they take the time and the effort to try to pull off good cosplay, then good for them.

  30. People who aren’t fat and don’t know the struggle of wanting to cosplay your favorite character with a slim physique way different than your own should keep their mouths shut 🙂

  31. I think they should introduce Internet laws and have a screening process where the bad get taken out so that my eyes don’t have to accidentally read disgusting bullshit like this. These women are beautiful, and you’re probably an ugly asshole who spends all his time judging other people. I hope they continue to post photos online and go to cons so that you feel uncomfortable. Grow the fuck up and mind your own business.

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