On matters of the “Christian” Founders of the U.S.

May 28, 2007

“…consistent with nothing but the stupidity of the Bible”

-Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense. Common Sense is attributed to building support for the colonies’ declaration of independence. The fragment quoted is located in The Age of Reason, Part 2, page 142 in the edition I am reading. The fragment is not a misleading fragment meant to twist the entire meaning of a work, but indicative of the opinions expressed within.

Thomas Paine held that the Christian Bible was fallacious and an affront to, in his words, the true “Word of God”. He held that the true “Word of God” was all that surrounded us in the world, and that the pursuit of knowledge and science was the only true way to know his god. He also believed that a man’s reason was his god’s “gift to man”.

In The Age of Reason, particularly Part 2, Paine sets to refute the legitimacy of the Christian Bible by using…the Christian Bible. By using its own chronology and structure, he picks apart the errors in assumed dates and questions the legitimacy of the authors. He wrote The Age of Reason shortly after the French Revolution, if memory serves, with the intent of guiding individuals away from not only the clergy but keep them from falling prey to atheism.

I’m almost done reading it and this book alone seems reason enough to believe that the somewhat popular claim that the “Founding Fathers” were “all Christian” is a fallacy at the least, and a great evil invented to twist the minds of the governed at most.

So you can either believe what your president and your preacher says, or you could read literature and question the words of a C student from Harvard and the impassioned speeches of individuals behind pulpits. Or you could ignore this bulletin. hahaha.


(This was originally merely a bulletin that I typed up to post on Myspace, but felt it held enough merit to repost for Pink Domino. Besides a few grammatical edits, I didn’t edit it further than this parenthetical to illustrate the reason behind its brevity and the mention of ‘bulletin’.)


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  1. Oh i love Joel posts 😀 DOWN WITH CHRISTIANITY!

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