Downloading- Are we really all Terrorists for doing it?

June 3, 2007

The American Government is pretty crazy. I mean they are so hell bent conservative on every issue so it was no surprise to me when they started the campaign that “IF YOU DOWNLOAD MUSIC YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE TERRORISTS” because the Terrorists care about the fact you downloaded the Britney Spears Best Of Album. It fuels their hatred towards America, didn’t you know?  The Anti Download Campaign in general makes me laugh. Who is losing money out of us downloading TV Shows, Anime, Music and Films? Big companies who do not need the money most likely.  “But Miss Mary” I hear you cry “Musicians live off the profit they make off of their CDs. You are damaging the little guys” Well no I’m not. My downloading policy for Music is this, if the album I want is by a HUGE artist who don’t need anymore cashola I download their CD, if they album I want is by a small artist, a starting out artist or one on a small label I buy their CD. I would never download it. Support your local artists for sure.

The main thing I download (apart from Music) is Anime.  Now I download Anime because one Anime DVD in stores will cost me anywhere between £14.99 and £21.99 possibly more. That and the DVD’s which are too expensive for words only contain about 3 episodes of the Anime. Animes can go on for 26 a series and more. I am not spending close to £135 for one series of Anime on DVD. So I download Subbed versions off of Bittorrent. I don’t do that stupid thing and burn the entire series onto DVD and sell it on Ebay, I think that’s just a silly thing to do but I enjoy my downloaded Anime. If I didn’t download things like Lucky Star, Girls Bravo, Lovely Complex and Gurren Laagen I would probably NEVER see them because getting Anime in the UK is so hard!

People forever complain about downloading and how it harms the industry and makes people lose money but did anyone ever stop and think about why people download things instead of buying them?  DVDs cost 30 cents to make, that’s 15p but they sell them for £15 and up. We are paying WAY TOO MUCH for something they pay next to nothing to make. Until the price of DVDs becomes more reasonable I’m sure people will continue to download.  CDs have come down in price lately as a result of people just downloading them and this is a good thing. I know we are all just silly consumers to the big companies but we know extortionate prices when we see them… Well.. most of us do!

The way people go on about it too you would think that the entire world is downloading stuff and NOONE IS BUYING ANYMORE. Which is just insanely untrue. They have totally overblown the situation. Most of my friends don’t download because they don’t know how to download to be honest with you. They have no idea what Bittorrent is and therefore buy all the DVDs and CDs they need. I think most people do that. I don’t think there are enough people downloading to harm any industry but I could be wrong on that. There is a Law in the States to do with thinking about plagerising, or something along those lines. Ian was talking about it the other day. They sent a man to jail for nothing to be fair. He didn’t do anything.  It is one thing when companies sue you over sharing their music freely but its totally another why you get sued and sent to jail for thinking about doing it.

I will leave you with http://www.whatsthedownload.com/ this website. Its been set up by the National Academy for the Recording Arts and Sciences to “teach”young people the ills of downloading. One TV ad premiered during the awards show observes a young woman downloading a 3MB file called “music” to her PC, while a club full of hipsters dances to the music somewhere else. When her download completes, lights and music in that somewhere else shut off. OH NOEZ WE ARE KILLING THE MUSIC. Just to make you laugh that little but more here is what some of the “music stars” say about downloading on the site…


I’m usually just not a fan of illegal activities. I did my share of downloading the first six months I had a computer, but since then I haven’t done any. Maybe I’m just too lazy or too computer illiterate to really do it but I don’t do a lot of downloading and I’ve heard how it can affect artists negatively, not just monetarily. I know a lot of kids today think that “Oh, he’s just being a rich rock star asshole,” or something like that, but it affects us in different ways, you know. It affects them indirectly without them really knowing. For example, record companies, booking agents and people who book tours pay attention to record sales in certain cities and certain areas and book accordingly for touring. So it affects people in ways they don’t even realize it is affecting them!

I would tell people downloading my music that one person doing it may not affect anybody, but if it gets bigger and bigger and bigger it really will affect them! The worst case scenario is we could be routed around your town, meaning we won’t be playing your town because it says that we haven’t sold enough there to nook a concert! That is kind of extreme but it could happen!

Maybe instead of going after people who are downloading, they should go after the programs that you can download it from, you know, and the people who are creating those.”

 Stacie Orrico

“”Well, I do realize how much the picture of artists is skewed when I get questions all the time like, ‘Oh, so what kind of car do you drive? How big is your house?’ It’s like, ‘No you don’t understand, like I’m just trying to pay for my gas. I don’t drive a nice car and I’m just trying to pay the bills and trying to have enough to buy groceries.’ People just assume that the second you have a song on the charts you’re a millionaire and truth is I’ve been in the industry for six years and still working towards the financial benefit. You put so much financial support into building an album. Between the clothes, and the sets, and the recording, and all the other people who are involved taking little bits of your money as you go along. So, especially if there is an artist that you really like and you’re really enjoying, support them, support them with your $10 bucks. Show you’re a true fan, I think it’s important.”




  1. Hahaha what?! I hadn’t heard this campaign yet??

    Also LOLOLO -> “Terrorists care about the fact you downloaded the Britney Spears Best Of Album”

    When are they going to learn!? T__T
    We were just discussing this in class on Friday too. About whether or not your hurting big companies by downloading.

    Not to mention, artists don’t make that much of a profit from CD’s anyway. It’s concerts that they make there money off of! If their songs weren’t circulating no one would hear their music and then eventually go to their concerts!

  2. A recent incident has sparked a bit of ire in me towards downloaders honestly. A radio station illegally downloaded The White Stripes new album, “Icky Thump” and then played it in it’s entirety multiple times on the air. I don’t have a huge issue with people downloading music or other stuff for personal use, I myself do pretty frequently. I also try to buy CDs as I’m able to, but would hate to be unable to enjoy music due to financial reasons. However, publicly performing an artist’s work that was illegally obtained to begin with just really crosses the line to me.

  3. I think most people only really download for personal use. I have issues with downloading anime and then selling it on and what you said about the DJs that got the White Stripes album is annoying too. People need to take responsibility really, if you are going to download don’t be an ass about it.

  4. Maybe they’d be able to pay for gas if they weren’t busy getting fucked by a system of selling music which has already been proven to be fucked beyond hope.

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