OrangeJuice オレンジジュウス!1

June 3, 2007


We need the webcomics :B  yes or no?




  1. OMG YES! YES! 😀

    Can i feature in it? Can that other girl be me? xD


  2. If you look in the first panel, at the bottom right, there’s an arrow that points to JUNI! ^___^ hehe, so yes!! you can! 😀


    Eeee Im a webcomic character 😀

  4. Ya need to work on the text bubble positioning, but otherwise its cute. =3

  5. Hehe!

    Ian – yeah was having trouble with even making them in photoshop..know of any text bubble photoshop brushes?? or any easy way to make them that I could try?

  6. have you looked on Devart for some brushed? I always found the ones in shapes easy to use. You just gotta resize em right.

    I do love this comic though 😀 Fantastic Idea Fei!

  7. Nah I haven’t looked, I’ll have to go search the internets for some, I’m sure I’ll be able to find them! 🙂

  8. NEEDS MOAR DREW! That is all.

  9. I’ve already drawn up and photoshopped two more issues…annnd I fixed the text bubbles they are way more swank now. ;B

    If you guys want to be featured in the comic leave me a comment on my LJ and give me a description or half assed doodle of what you would want to look like :O! hokay?

  10. can i have bunny ears? (:

  11. One set of bunny ears coming up! :B

  12. Love it. ^^

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