A Rant on Reviews

June 4, 2007

ReviewFirst off, I’d like to say: Reviews are bullshit. I can never say this enough. I mean, sure, some reviews may have their merit. I’ve essentially re-written this article 5 times now, just so I can put this correctly without sounding too much like a high and mighty asshole (Which I am. Go ahead and ask any other staffer here at Pink Domino that has met me. I have the definite ability to truly be an asshole.). Anyway, where was I?

Yes, I did say it. The standard most gamers have been going off of for years is flawed. It was flawed in it’s inception and it is still flawed to this day. For a few main reasons. Typically, reviews are based off a few things such as graphics, sound, controls, and the most a skewed aspect, game play.  Now, here’s the part where I’m gonna sound like a hypocrite. I have reviewed games here on Pink Domino using a typical scoring system based on a value of 5. However, this can only identify my personal experience with the game. This doesn’t take into effect if I have a bias towards the game that another person may not have. This changes things. In order to do a PROPER review, I would have to a general poll of every reader of Pink Domino, after they have played the game in question, of what they thought of the game. That would be the most comprehensive review I could possibly do. It also defeats the purpose of a review. That purpose being giving you information before you buy the game.

I will changing the ways I do reviews here at Pink Domino. Instead of a point review system, I’m gonna be changing it to a much more simple system. Any feedback on how it is currently going will be greatly appreciated. And so, keep gaming Pink Domino!


One comment

  1. Look forward to reading your new reviews Drew (: Nice to see you posting again (:

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