Apple iPhone Coming June 29th

June 4, 2007

That’s right! The jesus phone is coming.

You know you want it….

Or at least I do. ;_; If anyone at Apple reads this and wants to send one my way please do not hesitate!


4GB $499.99 8GB $599.99



Google Maps




Visual Voice Mail

Camera/Photos – 2 MegaPixel

The Internets

Widgets (stocks, weather)

and of course..it’s a phone.

Offered exclusively through Cingular/AT&T



  1. OH MY GOD I WANT THAT PHONE… I hope REALLY HOPE that by the time my contract with o2 gets its upgrade they are doing Iphones. I would gladly pay a bit for it too xD

    The thing about Apple is, I covet their products but I can’t afford their products. I couldnt afford an Ipod so I got a Creative Zen. I couldn’t afford the Mac so I got another PC. Its just a world I cant have ;_;

  2. UUGhhh I know what you mean! It took me a whole year to save up for my iMac and I covet it soooo @___@ Also I got my iPod for Christmas and my old iBook for my 16 birthday (soo old)

    Apple owns me and my soul.

  3. Not buying one until it comes out in an 80 GB version.

  4. If they make a 60/80GB one I’m so having it.

  5. I owuldnt use it as my MP3 player though. I’d use it as camera/phone/memorystick to carry my photos around to show people. So I dont mind it be 4/8gig

  6. Erm. Hows the battery on it? Seems like a hell of a lot of stuff to run…

  7. They’re claiming up to 5 hours for Talk/Video/Browsing and up to 16 hours for Audio playback.

    Since I would really be using the video function of the phone much, 16 hours audio is good enough for me.

  8. Since I wouldn’t**** not would T__T ;;

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