June 4, 2007

Hey Pink Domino!

Seeing as how Pink Domino is just starting out (and starting out splendidly!), stats are a veeery important thing. Instead of doing important things (like writing posts, doing reviews, and looking for a new place to live), I’ve been lurking around the back ends of Pink Domino. First things first, greetings to all of those who happen to be stumbling onto our little blog from StumbleUpon. Please come back regularly!

Now, June 1st was a record day for PD with 291(!!!) unique hits. May not seem like much, but considering we’re just starting out, that’s pretty good. But I’d like to see that number twice as high!! I have also noticed some fairly disturbing things too…which I’m not gonna speak any more of. That’s all for now. If you’d like to see this become a regular feature of PD, leave a comment! Oh, and tell your friends, family, coworkers, stalkers, etc., about PD! Take a button (as shown on the left sidebar) and post it on your blog, website, myspace, whatever! Spread the word PDers!!!


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