Free Game Friday!

June 9, 2007

N Hey Pink Domino!

It’s Friday! (YAY!) But for some, it’s NOT payday! (SHIT!) So, I come here to relieve some of those I-need-a-new-game woes for the weekend. I give you the horrifically addictive and the savagely difficult Ninja Physics Simulator, N.

Now, you may be wondering….Drew…wtf are you thinking? How can this POSSIBLY satisfy my game craving!? Well…this game was good enough to be ported to the DS and the PSP. Yup. N+ will be released later this year/early next year for both handhelds. So go ahead and enjoy running, jumping, and dieing…alot.

Oh….and I go on my vacation tomorrow. Off to Norway for 2 weeks. Whoo…



System Requirements:
PC and Mac Compatible

° 1024x768pixel screen resolution
° fast processor: Pentium 3 ~800MHz is the general minimum. Pentium 4 equivalent or better is recommended.

° AGP video card recommended.



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