Apple WWDC 2007

June 11, 2007

Oh hey guys, don’t know if you know or not but today is Apple’s WWDC ’07.

If your a geek like me than you’re pretty excited right now. Try not to wet your pants.

For those of you who are not familiar, Apple usually likes to reveal lots (by lots I mean like..2 or 3) of goodies at its WWDC.

So here is a list of 7 Predictions from the AppleGazette.com of things we could or could not be seeing today!

1 – Multi-Touch in Leopard – Leopard is going to be the main focus of WWDC this year,and I think one of the big surprises left in Leopard is the inclusion of the iPhone’s Multi-touch navigation. Now, I’m not saying that Apple is going to abandon the mouse at WWDC. Far from it, but I think Multi-touch will be included in the OS, and there will be some products there that support it.

2 – New GUI for OS X – We all know that the Aqua interface, while still quite nice, is getting a little long in the tooth. At WWDC expect the next generation GUI to be another secret of Leopard.

3 – New iLife w/iTunes HD – The new versions of iLife will be revealed with Leopard – possibly even as a part of Leopard itself, and will all feature HD support…including HD downloads from iTunes.

4 – Blu-Ray Support – Blu-Ray support and playback in Leopard, and Blu-Ray drive options on all higher end Macs.

5 – Leopard/iPhone integration – I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much about the iPhone at WWDC this year, but we will see how extensive the integration with Leopard is…and I expect it will be very much a part of Leopard. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that WWDC is happening before the iPhone even comes out.

6 – New Mac Minis and Macbook Pros – With the recent update of the Macbooks, the Macbook Pros are in desperate need of CPU upgrade, and the Mac Minis are due as well. I expect to see new version of both products at WWDC if not before… ( I doubt this one a lot since we just got a Macbook Pro upgrade..)

Ultra Portable iMac w/Multi touch screen – I don’t believe we’ll ever see an Apple tablet (made by Apple at least) but I think the time is right for a device like that to premiere. The UPiMac wouldn’t be much different than the current iMac…just thinner, lighter, and attached to a removable dock when on the desktop…but it would be portable for taking around the house to use where ever you wanted – freeing you from the confines of the desk, and giving you the freedom to use Multi-touch for a completely new UMPC experience. (this one I hope for the most *__*)

So there you have it Mac fans! …and non-mac fans :/

Here are my predictions!

1. Steve Jobs will wear jeans and a black turtle neck !! SEE IF IM WRONG I DARE YOU.


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  1. “1. Steve Jobs will wear jeans and a black turtle neck !! SEE IF IM WRONG I DARE YOU.”


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