Why The Japanese PWN All Western Cosplayers

June 15, 2007

You think you can dance the Hare Hare Yukai Dance from Haruhi? Really? You do? Well I bet you can’t do it aswell as these guys can… Face it. They PWN YOU ALL.

You can’t do these things like the Japanese can. LOOK AT THEIR DANCE! THEY ADDED BITS! THEY CLAP! You guys just faff around in the bits where there was nothing tell you to dance. Look at the enthusiasm as they stamp their feet and wave their arms and how they managed to get a million Mikurus to do that bit without hitting each other in the face. Oh Japanese Cosplayers. I take my hat off to you because you do PWN us all.


One comment

  1. I agree, japs pwn everyone’s face =D Plus they have good costume makers =D

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