Ragnarok Online

June 19, 2007

Is it me or is it impossible to find a decent Ragnarok Online free server?

I’ve been playing this game on and off since Beta Testing (I know that’s been a long time) but to be fair I haven’t really properly played “hardcore” till about three months ago when I got onto a free High Rate Server and was a Gypsy in two days. The original RO took me WEEKS just to get to ALMOST being a dancer. I have to say I like the fact I can now play on High Rate Servers where my levels literrally fly by and I’m a 2:2 transcended job level before you know it. Iplayed High Level for a month or so but the thing about High Level is that while you level up faster then a /b/tard cumming there is no real joy in it. So I went on the hunt for a decent mid-rate Server which had nice people in it and where I would feel like I was part of a Gaming Community

I stumbled across Underworld RO which my friend Jess plays on. It doesn’t have many people on it (I think the most I’ve seen on the server ever is about 80) but it was friendly enough and fun which is what I wanted. I joined a guild, who have their own Vent Chat so I was able to talk to people and make some friends. My main character is a Dancer called Nayuki, so I am now reffered too as Nay. For someone who has been playing RO since she was about 17 I can’t believe how much of a Newb I am. This is what I have learnt from this server. I have no idea what any of the monsters are called, have no idea where to find the best monsters to level, have no idea about stats and no idea about MVP’s or monster cards. I am clueless and it really shows.


Guildy:”What thing?”

Juniper:”The big furry Blue bug”

*Guildy laughs and says actual name of monster*

Seriously thats how a lot of what I say goes. I finally got my Dancer to level 85 the other day, and now the rest of they guys are all near 100 so when I go kill MVPs with them (which I can finally do) I don’t do much damage. I have to say though that Underworld RO is the closest I have got to a proper online gaming experience. Where I go on and make friends rather than just starting a new MMORPG with all my existing friends. Its nicer to play with people and chaton Vent then solo on your own (:

I can see why Konata from Lucky Star digs MMO’s so much.


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