Encyclopedia Dramatica Article of The Week!

June 21, 2007


Having thought this over I decided to post up an article from Encyclopedia Dramatica every week and so to start off I thought I’d use the 4chan one. We go to 4chan a lot on here, though some of us refuse to admit we do. It’s like a nasty drug, you can’t help but keep going back for more. So I shall stop here and let you enjoy a taste of what 4chan really is about… Lols. (note: in case you are REALLY STUPID Encyclopedia Dramatica is a humorous look at things not actual facts xD Silly)


4chan is an anonymous Japanimation-themed collection of image boards. The site is full of Japanese crap, memes, and fucktards, all of whom have atleast some variant of social anxiety disorder. Not surprisingly, most of the image boards consist of hentai. Furries are banned everywhere on the site, with the exception of “/b/”, the “random” board, which was only just put under a stricter set of rules during the /b/-day crisis. (although mods often delete furry pictures there too). This has led to much internet drama and the creation of the furry-only fchan. And yes, /b/ was never funny

Many catchphrases, such as “sauce plz”, originated at 4chan. Also, many image macros are created there, the O RLY and YA RLY owls being the most popular.

-well, this is what the average /b/tard would have liked you to believe, the real story is that Most (if not all) of 4chans memes and macros are rehashes of old jokes that appeared on something awful at least 100 years ago– Also the fact that 4chan is no longer the 4chan in the days of olde, it is highly suggested you stay away from this festering shithole (more than it already was) of the internet, most of 4chans users consist of gaiafags, ytmnd users, newgrounds users, furries, emo kids, fatties and underaged.


The seasoned internet traveller might find himself debased when presented by the mass of confusion which is so well embodied in 4chan. 4chan is the home of asocial, and at times anti-social, white folk who believe in the superiority of everything that is Japanese. It is divided into many sub-boards, each having its distinct theme for image posting to satisfy the deviant mind.

  • /a/ – A board for all the Weeabos, where people post images about anime. Pretty tame compared to the rest of the boards.
  • /an/ – Board for posting animals and shit like that. Beware of zoophiles and possible furries.
  • /b/ – The playground of our beloved Internet, those brave enough to enter here should be well advised to take a long hot shower aftewards. Residents include racists, pedophiles, Cracky-chan, Desu Desu Desu and Azumanga Daioh fanboys.
  • /c/ – A very tame board (compared to the rest)for nerds who prefer Japanese cartoons containing girls (and I use the term lightly), who look like 4 year olds with freakishly huge eyes.
  • /cgl/ – Board full of weeaboos that partake in cosplaying. Images of people dressed as their favorite anime characters are posted here. A very woeful board indeed.
  • /ck/ – Board for people who have an unhealthy obsession on all things edible. Expect weeabos and ramen.
  • /cm/ – Board for all the fags and overweight fangirls.
  • /co/ – Basically /a/, expect no anime. Just american cartoons.
  • /d/ – Perhaps the hottest of all the cartoon boards on 4chan, /d/ is where they post images of hermaphrodite females with titanically oversized MUDKIPZ (moar). It should be noted that those on this board find such things sexually attractive and fap away over the posted images. But at least they don’t post furries!
  • /e/ – A specialized cartoon board where they post naked women without explicitly showing their reproductive organs (or penises). Wholly uninteresting, because it tends not to contain hilarious sexual fetishes or things blowing up.
  • /g/ – A new addition full of folk lacking in life and substituting it with superficial techno-worship. It is evident to the observant electronic eye that no knowledgable persons reside there, it is merely filled with those who would want to be such, but lack the competence and morale to ascend to real technological magery. It used to be for guro images, but then 4chan went pussy. Pussy, I say!
  • /gif/ – Board for posting animated GIFs. Almost the animated version of /b/.
  • /h/ – Hentai board. You can almost smell the semen-staind keyboards.
  • /hr/ – Board for High Res pics. Basically, pictures that’re Hueg like Xbox.
  • /k/– Board for people to obese to join the army, so they post here.
  • /m/ – Board for talking about robots. Just robots.
  • /mu/ – This board is actually a joke. As if anyone who posts on 4chan know anything about music.
  • /n/ – News board. Also includes political shitfits.
  • /o/ – Board for cars. Dunno what the “o” stands for. Rich wiggers populate this forum, seeing as they’re dumb and rich enough to actually spend money on useless shit that can’t even be used in their suburban neighborhoods.
  • /p/ – Board for cameras and photography. Full of pretentious wankery by weeabos who take photographs when not faping over lolicon.
  • /po/ Board for Origami. It’s been years since any normal person has actually given a shit about origami but, hey, its Japanese so it must be cool!
  • /r/ – This is the requests board, and it is now open to ‘western’ comics and toons, which essentially means that the world now has another outlet for poorly drawn Teen Titans porn.
  • /s/ – A place for pre-teen fanboys to yell NAME! SAUCE! MOAR! and fap to pr0n.
  • /5/ – This is a hidden board and the contents are so far beyond awesome that you would punch your dad if you saw them.
  • /tv/ – Televison board. If it’s popular, it sucks just as bad a Mencia. (…seriously. They’ll say LOST or Heroes is as bad as Mind of Mencia. Just skip this board and talk about cool shows on /b/.)
  • /u/Yuri board. For Lesbians.
  • /v/ – The video games board. Populated by trolls, former GameFAQs users, Nintendo fanboys and people who masturbate to Fran. Threads are usually about how Sony and Sonic suck. If you want to get banned easily, simply dissagree with a mod’s opinions.
  • /w/ – For all wallpapers anime. As can be noted by merely observing that “w” comes before “wg”, the anime board must have appeared such, only strengthening the entire “Japanese are 1000x cooler than us” morality. The only board that (well, not as much “lack” as has a decline in) this philosophy is /b/.
  • /wg/ – This is a general wallpaper board with things ranging from cars to girls to anime to just about anything else a teenage boy could desire yet not be able to afford, now or later in life.
  • /y/ – This where girls and guys masturbate over sodomy. And when they’re not doing that they battle over which is hotter: guys that look like girls fucking each other or guys that would give Rambo an inferiority complex fucking each other.
  • /x/ -A board populated by those who spend their time thinking up ever more creative stories to make others shit bricks.


  1. W. T. Snacks is a loser with a 2-inch penis (when erect). He compensates for this fact by banning everyone at the slightest provocation. This makes him cool. Now banned from 4chan itself, after moot decided he was tired of the way Snacks sucked on his pindick. For approximately one post W. T. Snacks was cool when he stated that ‘furries cause drama’ but now his ban will be as long as the longcat which bears that length. W. T. Snacks is also a son of a bitch who recommends CDs to people and refuses to pay those people back after they buy said CDs. He is now back, albeit as a regular user with no mod powers. He posts with the tripcode W.T. Snacks !TcT.PTG1.2.
  2. Moot used to be somewhat cool, or as cool as someone on the internet can be, posting pictures of himself as a guy in Mexico who graduated high school with a degree in Mexican studies. Later he revealed his true identity at numerous conventions, even showing up with random fags behaving as if they were his bodyguards.
  3. MrSpooky is an ex-mod who spawned the catchphrases “I’ve never seen so many ingrates” and “You’ll get nothing from me.” He frequently made stickies on /b/ begging for money because he got thrown in jail and now he needs donations to pay off his court fees. Smells real great.
  4. Allyson – a fat whore that looks like the ugly tree raped her through childhood, managed to go down on Moot long enough for him to give her Mod status. She’s a filthy camwhore that probably has dozens of STDs and suffers from being a wapanese faggot.


A reading from Genesis:

In the beginning there was Moot.
On the first day Moot created 4chan and said ‘Lord, this is 4chan, bringer of pain’.
On the second day, Moot created anonymous, they became lonely so Moot created Bridget, anonymous complained of this trap, but moot proclaimed ‘there are no girls on the interbutt, Bridget will suffice’.
On the third day, Moot gave man tripcode, ‘behold tripcode’ he said, only ye who wish to forgive may preform.
On the forth day, Moot created /b/, and many anonymous rejoiced.
On the fifth day, the server crashed, Moots creation was in dissaray, MYSQL errors killed off many anonymous with no mercy.
On the sixth day, there was a sticky, and many complained of this sticky, and thusly proclaimed ‘this sticky sux0rz’.
On the seventh day, Moot sold 4chan.



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