It’s Only Good Cosplay When The Hot Japanese Girls Do It

June 22, 2007

I hate to say it but the above quote is true. I had to come back to Cosplaying because last time I just pointed out that Fat Cosplayers shouldn’t wear Lycra but that doesn’t only mean that Bad Cosplay is done by fat people. OH NO! Bad Cosplay is also done by people trying to be sexy. I think Geeks Girls treat Cosplay like the Hot Girls in Mean Girls treated Halloween. It’s an excuse to wear as little as possible. The only difference being that the girls in Mean Girls looked hot doing this and Geeky girls never seem to achieve that, or very few of them do.

Look at the example to the left of some girls doing Sexy No Juutsu. For one thing t they could have made more effort and made some proper clouds. Those feathers are just lame. The second thing is the one of the far left is trying to look sexy whilst holding what seems to be noodles which are dripping back intothe cup. That is not sexy. The one on the right looks like shes constipated or something.

This is not good Cosplay. You can’t just not put on any clothes and think you’re gonna blow everyone away. You have to tthink your costumes through and put some effort into them.


Its not like I’m anti Cosplay here. I went to the Anime Expo in London last month and was blown away by the good Cosplay there. People had really worked hard on their costumes and the looked amazing. I think Good Cosplay exists it’s just so much easier to come across the bad Cosplayers. In Japan I bet there are less bad Cosplay than there are good Cosplay. Here for every amazing Cosplayer you see you see 20 or so shit ones. I bet in Japan it’s the other way around. I mean as I showed on that post I made about the Haruhi dance, when they do these things they do them proper. For example we have

this lovely lady here doing Haruhi Cosplay. She looks amazing. She look so amazing in fact that she has A WHOLE GALLERY

dedicated just to her and it’s not coz she’s super pretty either because there are prettier Cosplaying girls than her it’s mainly because she fits the role of Haruhi well and has the cute expressions and poses in her photo shoot to reflect that. She is a great example of good Cosplay.

Now I’d be a great hypocrit if I bad mouothed Cosplay and people who suck at it without trying it myself so at the JapanEx in July I am going to be Kagami from Lucky Star in a Lucky Star group. I got talked into it lets say. I was going to be May from Pokemon but they needed a Kagami. So I will see how hard it is to actually pull off good Cosplay. But if I manage it I will continue to mock people who suck at it!



  1. A good honest opinion there, i respect that, i guess some will always do it better and look better than others.


  2. See more Hot Japanese Girls Video at HotJAV.net – http://www.hotjav.net

  3. That can be true, but I don’t think it’s right to say that ONLY japanese people can do it right. Not all non-Japanese people have crappy cosplays, some of them actually look really nice and work hard on them.

  4. I feel like this is a bit sexist and racist. Not that you’re not entitled to your opinion. But a lot of girls cosplay because they love their show or they love to cosplay! Just because they’re not “hot” or Japanese doesn’t mean they’re not good cosplayers. Take me for example. I don’t consider myself very pretty, but I don’t care what anyone else has to say, I really enjoy cosplaying. I give those girls credit for being brave and confident enough to walk around without much on.

    You make some valid points, but I feel like your opinion could have been worded a little less insultingly.

  5. I agree but also disagree. I see a lot of really good american cosplayers. Its mostly the really intricate costumes though. I also have to say one thing I’ve never seen asian people with acne. 😦 They alway are beautiful people. I see alot of americans struggle with acne and hygiene issues between certain ages.

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