Jpop/JRock/JMusic: Dancu~~

June 28, 2007

I have recently rekindled my interest in Japanese Music, I think its going hand in hand with my whole re-interest in Anime and Japanese Culture and the fact that I would like very much tomake some sort of living out of Anime. xD In a perfect world I would but alas this is not perfect. So whilst browsing YouTube looking for delights I thought “I know I will share my finds with the world of Pink Domino!” because I love you Pink Domino Audience ❤ You make me smile. So we shall start off with my personal fav Japanese Female Singer, Miss Hitomi Yaida…

I love her quirky style of music that is rocky and dancy and I love her vocals! She sounds just as good live too which you can’t say for many Western Female Pop Singers to be fair. So much miming. Anyway I have this album by her on my CreativeZen Player and I love it. I listen to it over and over and if I could just find the damn MP3’s for it again I’d have it on my computer too!

Utada Hikaru should be familiar name to you all, she is huge over here so I don’t think she needs much of an introduction. I don’t like all Utada songs though (please dont kill me) but my two favs by far are Final Distance and Passion. Final Distance has to be the remix version though, I find the original too slow! I went a whole day last summer listening to that as I ran around London and it made my day! Its got such a good beat to it, a great remix all round. Passion is just a beautiful song that shows of Hikarus vocal talents so well. She does and acoustic live version of it that blows me away everytime I hear it. I really suggest you watch the video below, its just beautiful.

Show me Britney doing this. You can’t. Silly popstars.

Orange Range are kind of a rock/rap band. They have had soooo many albums. I have like a gig worth of Orange Range music on my computer and THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN 😀 The song in that pocky advert with the girl dancing is by Orange Rnage. They are quite diverse and just the kind of thing I would love to dance to on a Club night. I think they own a lot of the crap most kids listen too today! I wish the would play a gig over here because they look like super fun!

And just in case you wanted to hear it, hear is that song from that Pocky Advert 😀 You know you wanna do that dance. POCKY TO HAND EVERYONE!

175R are kind of like a poppunk band I would say. Though their sound has grown considerably recently. They make catchy upbeat and funky punky tunes, what more could you ask for? The songs I’m posting are quite old because I’ve had them on my MP3 player for ages but they are my favs by far (: I like that Punk japanese style for some reason. I think I am a bit of a sucker for it.

Tommy February 6 is Tomoko from the group BOA gone solo. Her birthday is on February 6 like me 😀 Which explains why she is so hot and talented I guess! She does a kind of pop 80’s disco type thing but then goes into some sort of pop rock thing at points. BOA were quite indie from what I remember but I like her disco 80’s stuff best. Her Album Everyday at the Busstop (i think it was called that) is a fav of mine.


She recently did the opening song for the Paradise Kiss Anime (I love Paradise Kiss @.@) called Lonely in Gorgeous. She always looks like she’s high, maybe thats why I like her so much. I’m not sure.I just know she has sexy hair! The Lonely in Gorgeous video is a bit of a rip off of that Beatsie Boys one xD But its still cool none the less (:

I will end this post of musical wonder on the Pillows. If you don’t know who The Pillows are by now you really do need to be shot in the head because they are possibly one of the coolest bands ever. Having done the soundtrack to that Epic Gainax Anime called FLCL which if you haven’t seen you double deserve to be shot in the head for because it really is AMAZING, The Pillows seem to be a household name for any Anime Fan. I love them. You should love them

So there you have it. Go listen and learn and EXPAND YOUR MINDS. I know a lot of you reading this are great and listen to stuff like this but some of you might not. Japanese music is fantastic a lot better than the Emo Crap we all get fed most of the time. Go see go see!



  1. A living off of anime? Even the people in the anime business don’t make a living off of it.

  2. *laughs* its a dream. Im allowed to dream Kevin (:

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