Where will you be?

July 2, 2007

At midnight on Friday, July 20th? Will you be at home, tucked in bed asleep? Out partying? Cuddled up somewhere with your partner? Sitting at your PC masturbating over new screenshots of Starcraft 2? (after all, Kerrigan was still hot even after becoming a Zerg . . . right?) Or are you a gigantic Potter geek and will be queuing up outside your nearest bookshop waiting to get your clamouring hands on a copy of the final installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Guess which one of the above I am. Here’s a hint:

Yes indeedy, I’m a Potter geek of the highest order (I even write my own fanfiction, that’s how nuts I am for it) and at around 11-11:30pm on the 20th I’ll be joining the queue outside the WHSmiths in Barry wearing my Hogwarts hoodie clutching the receipt you see to the left in my hands. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT. No other fandom has gripped me as much as HP has, not even Buffy and that’s saying something because I love Buffy. There’s so much waiting to be answered in this last book . . . will Harry die? Is Snape really evil? Why does Harry having his mother Lily’s green eyes matter so much? And will J.K.Rowling make me sick and have Ron and Hermione end up together as everyone seems to believe will happen, or will she make me very happy by pulling a massive “Fooled you!” on all of those people and have Hermione end up with Harry?

I’m practically bouncing in my seat. The next eighteen days are going to be very long!





  2. Q: Where will you be at midnight on Friday, July 20th?

    A: Reading a different book. xD

  3. Do you like Firefly in addition to Buffy? I love Firefly.. but have yet to watch Buffy. That’s next on my list, after I finish Scrubs 🙂

    I’ll definitely be wearing the HP scarf I bought clutching my receipt as well. High five, dude.


    Earlier Buffy more than Later Buffy though! I love when shes in High School.


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