July 6, 2007

I find it funny how seriously people take MMORPG’s. Its like the game is actually life itself. I don’t know if it’s because I’m 22 or because I am just hell cynical but I could never treat an MMORPG like it was serious business. I mean I know people who get so worked up over these games, they get upset when people call them names, they get upset when someone emotes at other people, they get upset when someone says they are fat, or if their boyfriend talks to other girls. I can understand getting frustrated when you have been killing a monster and like someone comes along at the last second and steals your kill, or perhaps when you have put a lot of money into a castle and lose it due to a stupid reason. Then you have a reason to get annoyed and perhaps lash out slightly. That’s natural.

Its when MMORPG’s and Real Life cross and people begin to get upset and cause drama about boys/girls and things like that which I never understand. For one thing, ITS JUST A GAME and for another thing ITS JUST A GAME. I realise you make friends on MMO’s. I’ve got loads of friends on Underoworld RO who I think are fab and who make me laugh, but like you don’t have to take everything so much to heart. In the end it is just a game, though really enjoyable and a great way to pass time you don’t have to be upset if someone rejects you via RO, or flirts with your boyfriend via WoW or I don’t know blows emoticon kisses at them. To be fair ITS NOT REAL.


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