A Bit More Lucky Star

July 20, 2007



So Lucky Star has become that sort of Anime that we either love or we hate. Lets look at this for a minute. It is essentially a random sort of anime based around 4 17 year old high school girls that look about 12 thus appealing to the Loli Market which. going by 4chan, is huge at the moment. It follows the events of their lives. That’s about it. There isn’t really any ongoing story, it’s just light hearted and fun. I think the reason for the intense dislike/like of Lucky Star is a lot of Anime fans can see themselves within this anime in either the perverted Loli obsessed father of Konata or in the anime loving, manga reading, MMORPG addicted Konata herself.


Konata is really a dipiction of what a lot of people who watch Anime are. She gets obsessed about new anime and making sure she watches all the Anime. I’m sure we all all ready and waiting each time a new subbed version of our fav anime comes out on AnimeSuki or Boxtorrents and we download and watch and savour just like Konata does. She takes her MMORPG’s seriously, which I know a lot of people do. To them MMORPG’s are like real life and they take partying seriously. That and you’re friends you make via MMORPG’s are improtant too because they are in this world with you. You’d be mighty lonely without them. The fact Konata also plays Dating Sims and probably has a big ecchi collection is a reflection on nearly all Anime fans. All of us have an Ecchi collection (well all us long term anime fans do anyway, its something you aquire with time) I don’t care if people deny it, if they do they are lying. We all love a bit of Ecchi and we all love to play cute dating sims with cute anime girls. I think Anime Fans see themselves in Konata and either are annoyed by how accurate it is or rejoice in seeing a girl just like they are on screen.


I did mention that some people may see themselves in Konatas father. He got his daughter into Dating Sims. Probably plays Hentai games too. Takes photos of High School Girls and gets excited over anything to do with any girl under the age fo 18. I mean in the opening sequence he is seen perving on some High School girls from some bushes. I would like to say I don’t know any anime fans like that, but I have been on 4chan  and anime-forums.com and believe you me… I do. There was one guy on Anime-Forums who was obsessed with the little girl in Love Hina and used to harass 13 year old girls on our server. Of course he got banned.


So what do I think about Lucky Star? Well it’s cute and I’m cosplaying as Kagami! What more can I say?


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