July 23, 2007

Having got my way through Air TV and Kanon I thought it was time I tried my hand at watching Shuffle (god bless you TVlinks). I think I am developing a thing for animes that start life as Hentai games. This post that is about to be written is FULL of spoilers so if you are planning to watch Shuffle and don’t want it spoiled I suggest you DO NOT READ ANYTHING PAST THIS PARAGRAPH. Seriously.

I liked Shuffle but that is mainly because it didn’t turn out at all how I had expected it too. It revolves around a boy (Rin) who lives with his child hood friend (Kaede) after his parents and her mother are killed in a car crash when the two of them were both 8. Rin is meant to be the ideal man, well you assume he is because every girl in this series wants to get in his pants. Not only is Kaede in love with him but so is Sia (the daughter of the Lord of the Gods), Nerine (The daughter of the Lord of the Demons), Asa (an uppclassman) and Primula (A loli girl). Kaede however is the only one who has devoted her life to serving him out of Love and does everything for him. You assume this anime will end with him falling for her, the girl who loves him so dearly. Hell no.

Shuffle starts off innocent enough, to be honest it’s your typical high school romance comedy to begin with. Its only until you get really into the series things start to take a twist. I’m not sure all the girls after Rin needed to have some strange and slightly dark back story (Nerine was almost dying when she was a child and her clone called Licorice used her life to save Nerine and therefore lived in her spirit, Sia has her dead twin as her alter ego, Rin is a genetically formed human with super duper magic and Asa is part human part demon and will die if she doesnt use her magic) but it cut through the cuteness and the innocence nicely when you found each one out. But those girls are not the ones you are so shocked about when hearing of their dark backgrounds. It’s Kaedes past that really gets you.

You assume Rin will end up with Kaede because of her devotion and obvious love of him even when all her rivals start to appear you still back her because she is the one who seems purest. The rest are all a bit silly and grabby. So when you watch her meltdown as Rin goes off with Asa you can’t help but feel for this poor girl. She seriously loses it. From the start of the anime you would never picture Kaede with having this violent temper. During her meltdown we are taken to a flashback of when her mum and Rins parents died. She is in hospital and has lost the will to live and Rin tells her while she is lying in a sort of waking coma that he is the reason her mum died. He says he wrote to her mum and told her to come early and that’s why she died. He thinks telling her this will give Kaede a reason to live and that it does, she comes out of her coma and straight away tries to strangle Rin. We then see Rin move in with Kaede and her dad and Kaede making Rin’s life hell. She at one point drops a knife on his head that cuts the entire side of his face. The whole thing climaxs in her shouting at Rin in the rain that people like him should be dead.

Of course she finds a postcard from her mother in Rins room saying she will be coming home, but Rin wasn’t the one asking her home, she was coming home early because Kaede was getting ill and her dad asked her back. Kaede blames herself for her mothers death and now has the guilt of her horrific treatment of Rin on her mind too. So she convinces herself that her devotion to Rin now is to pay him back for the horrible things she has afflicted upon him and not because she loves him and wants him near her. When Asa is bought back to the house Kaede finally loses it and pushes Asa against the door causing her to have a heart failure (she is sick btw) and sends her to hospital to what seems like her death. The thing is you feel for Kaede because if Rin didn’t notice how much Kaede loved him Asa did. Asa knew that Kaede loved Rin more than anything in the world and yet she STOLE Rin from Kaede.

This anime struck a chord with me, I know it sounds a bit Emo but it did. I felt for Kaede, even though she had done terrible things I felt for the pain she was feeling when she saw Asa and Rin together and knew he wasn’t hers anymore. I think Primula was the only one who saw her pain, noone else knew it existed or that she existed for that matter of fact. She was treated like a doormat when she deserved Rin over them all. I did have one of those Emo Girl moments thinking if Rin is meant tobe like such a great guy why is he such a retard when realising he is hurting Kaede by staying in her house all that time and taking advantage of her devotion to him. It was like he took no notice of her and that pissed me off.

I reccommend Shuffle even though I’ve ruined it now for you because it really is a good watch. That and well if you don’t like the emo storyline there is enough bare breast and naked action to keep you interested. At least two good boob shots per episode xD That and all the girls in it are such hotties!



  1. Kaede deserved it, considering how manipulative and psychotic she was. Reverse the genders and see if you come to the same conclusion. Doormat guy kisses girls ass for no end and goes postal after being ignored. Would YOU date a guy like that? End of case.

    Sia and Nerine were different. Sia never gave respect to her parents and had jealousy issues. Nerine was actually worth Rin’s time but she shot herself in the foot by rejecting herself instead of him rejecting her (self esteem problem). Get rid of all the other girls and it’s no surprise Asa (the leader of the pack) ended up with Rin. Asa was all that. Higher self esteem and actually flirted with Rin too without being embarrassed. Confidence is always attractive in a guy’s book.

  2. To be fair on Kaede she was only that way because Rin told her it was all his fault her mum died. She was young and handling things badly and when she found out the truth she amended her ways bless her. I do agree she was a bit of a doormat but that’s only because she felt bad for what she did to Rin. She ain’t perfect and I’d hardly call her a role model for women but for some reason my sympathy lay with her!

    I liked Asa all the way through, till she got with Rin. Girl law states that you don’t get with a guy you know your friend is in Love with. Being in Love with someone is a pretty big deal and you just wait till they’ve moved on. Asa got with Rin knowing Kaedes feelings. She should have waited for Rin to get his damn head together and move out BEFORE all the stuff between them happened. Kaede wouldn’t have gone as mental then.

    Confidence is always attractive in a guy’s book.
    In real life this is very true and I want never want to be a doormat like Kaede. But this was Anime 😉 and my post was merely a rant xD Thank you for the comment though! Was very interesting!

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