Ouran High School Host Club AKA Why Anime gives me unrealistic Boyfriend templates!

July 24, 2007


Are you looking for…


Girls dressed as guys?

Rich people?

Loli Shota?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the abvoe the Ouran High School host Club is the Anime for you! I’m sure most of you have already seen this by now but if you haven’t and you plan too THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS SO MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T READ MUCH MORE. I do warn you so don’t ever complain I don’t.  Ouran Host Club does have it all though girls dressed as guys, guys dressed as girls, forbidden love twincest, and 18 year olds that look like they are 10. In short its enough to get a lot of female Otaku crazy because lets face it, we like to oggle hot anime men as much as the boys like to oggle Yoko’s boobs and Rei.

So whats OHSHC about anyway? Well in short its about Haruhi, a girl who is from a working class single parent family who joins a super duper exclusive rich kid academy on a scholarship. She looks like a boy, in jeans and shirt with short hair and glasses, a bookwork if you will. She wanders into a room one day within the Academy belonging to the Host Club, a club of hot young men who run a service entertaining and flirting with the young ladies of the academy. Suou Tamaki is the leader of the club and “prince type”.  Haruhi breaks an expensive vase and becomes the clubs lackey but then they realise her talent as a natural host and she becomes the clubs newest member. As the first episode rolls they all realise she’s a girl and pledge to keep it a secret from the rest of the school (mainly for profit and because Tamaki is in love with her and is easily jealous).

I love this series. Why? FIVE VERY HOT MEN. This is why I have an unrealistic image of the perfect man in my head because Anime creates these guys would would just never exist in real life yet there is part of my head that thinks somewhere they might do. Even though the characters all have flaws they are flaws that seem to make them more attractive. For example Kyoya hides his emotions away and acts cold and indifferent but this is all an act in the end. So it all highlights the fact he is caring and stuff. No girl in their right mind would ever turn down Tamaki, Kyoya, Kaoru and Hikaru or Mori. We’d turn down Honey though unless of course you are into the LoliShota thing and like boys to look 10. I don’t, mainly because I am not a pedophile. Bar Honey the other five are charismatic, charming, funny, romantic and good looking guys. You love them in the Anime and you know if they were only real you’d love them a million times more.

Yes yes I know its sad to find anime men atrtactive but i dare you to watch Ouran High School Host Club and not want to bang at least one of those guys. Hell even the scary Bosonova-Kun who has the face that makes women run away seems hot once his sensitive side gets out and he starts blushing whenever Haruhi is near him because he loves her. I’D KICK CANS WITH YOU BOSONOVA-KUN! Those two episodes with him in made me laugh so hard.

This is what Anime does to me. I watch Anime and have an urge to be in an Anime situation. I am sure that japanese High Schools are nothing like the are in Ouran High School Host Club, Kanon, Azumanga Daioh or Lovely Complex but I can’t help but wish everytime I see a High School Anime that I went to High School in Japan. In my High School love was never confessed, mainly because the girls were all skank hos and the boys were all gangsta wannabes but in Anime love is confessed always in that sweet way where the one confession is really embaressed! I want that to happen! I want to give honmei chocolate and go to a host aclub and wear a cute sailor girl uniform with those wicked socks and have brightly coloured hair. I am not alone either. Look in your hearts, you know you want it too!

There is a point in Ouran High School Host Club where Kaoru and Hikary (hot twin brothers known as the “Devil Type” who are constantly showing their forbidden love ie twincest) are explaining to Haruhi why they are so popular within the club. Although the girls go goo-goo over their “tender” brotherly love and the affection they show each other the thing that keeps them coming back is the fact that these girls will no doubt imagine both Kaoru and Hikaru on them at once and that creates the excitment. I think they describe it as too much to handle. That’s the nice thing about this anime, I’m so used to gawking at hot Anime girls and having them be alluring that having hot alluring men is a nice change. Its not all about Big boobs and perfect asses.

Ouran High School Host Club is a gem. The characters are all funny and unique and work so well as a team. They all compliment each other so well. The storyline is addictive and once you start watching you won’t stop till the end I assure you. If you haven’t watched it yet I really do suggest you get around to it soon (:


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  1. i aggree with u a 100%! no make that 200%! i totally love ouran high school host club… i love it so much! daisuki! i love hikaru the most… i dunno why… but i just love their acting… if there is really a person like hikaru i would totally love him…i would marry him rite away even if i am still young… i would never want 2 let him go… i wish that really happen… i love them all…

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