Review: Mario Strikers Charged (Wii)

July 29, 2007

Mario Strikers ChargesPlatform: Nintendo Wii

Genre: Sports

ESRB Rating: E 10+ for Mild Violence and the random tendency to want to rip your opponents throat out after a very cheap move.

For a while. I was thinking that Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be the reason to invite friends over for a solid night of gaming. Holy shit, was I wrong. After getting my hands on an advance copy of Mario Strikers Charged and throughly playing the crap outta it, I really can say I was wrong. Mario Strikers Charged is as solid of a game as the first one was on the Gamecube. Your movement in game is controlled by the nunchuck and “Beat the living hell out of your opponent” controls are assigned to the Wiimote with slide tackle on the D-Pad and tackle being assigned to the motion of the Wiimote. This makes for a very simple and easy cover up for hitting someone next to you. “Ooops. Sorry. I was just using tackle. My bad.” Gameplay is fast and furious with most matches in the tournament mode lasting only a mere 3 minutes, however, I was easily able to rack upwards of 10 goals in some of the easier matches and more than 60 tackles in a few games. Game also get very interesting with items that change the playing field, such as bananas, shells, and the team captain specific super items. Field hazards are also a factor. Thwomps, cows, tractors, fireballs, electricity, etc. I haven’t had a chance to play any online modes as the game has not yet been released to the public here in America. Which, brings me to a downfall of the game. Online play can only be played with people in the same region as you, unless you have their friend code. Otherwise, this is a strong title, which I recommend you pick up a copy on 7/31/07, invite some friends over, have a few (age appropriate) drinks, and enjoy.

Drew’s Recommendation: Go on, Get it. You know you want to. This is fun in it’s purest form.


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