And I already stopped watching two series.

August 4, 2007

Time for me to rain on the parade again, it seems. Maybe I’m getting really bitter and cynical and old. Either way, minor spoiler warnings ahead.

I started watching School Days. My interest was partially piqued by some random notice somewhere that is was based on the “shockingly violent” ero game of the same name. Turns out that’s only valid for the three bad endings. Interesting that the developers felt the need to make two endings in the game where the main character got killed and one where one of the main love interests commit suicide. And they say that great art isn’t made anymore! Ahem. Sarcasm aside, the series itself is just your average high school drama. Two of the characters fall in love by the first episode, but this time, there’s a twist. See, since the guy has no idea how girls work, the girl next to him in his class agrees to help him get up to speed. Which in this case means that she makes out with him and lets him feel her boobies, which also means that by the fourth episode the dude, entranced by the promise of a girl who’s so swept up by her emotions that it equals easy vagina for him, of course dumps the original girl whom he was going on awkward dates full of awkward silences and awkward attempts and kissing and holding hands. He has sex with feel-my-boobies girl by episode five. Congratulations, dude, you’re an indecisive jerk. And although the idea of trying to show the world what Japanese high school kids are probably up to in reality, the main character has no saving graces at all, and as such, is just cringe-inducing to watch. Neeext!

Now, I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this (I told you I was getting old), but I and Idolm@ster Xenoglossia got off on the wrong foot from the start. For starters, the plot and concept felt like a gigantic cop-out. They can make a show about bread that goes on for hundreds of episodes, but you’re telling me that Sunrise and Bandai Namco can’t hire a writer that can make a decent plot about the singing and dancing type of idol? Apparently not. Doesn’t really help that the whole deal was kind of a curveball, since the entire show starts with what is indeed an idol audition. Cue cop-out in which iDOLs are actually gigantic robots who decide what girls get to pilot them, and exist for the sole purpose of taking out gigantic chunks of the Moon, referred to as Drop. The really big ones are apparently Lemon Drop and Mint Drop! Woo! How clever! Never mind that the show of course abuses every single tired and abused trope common in anime, from the ever-so-classic tsundere, swings right by High School As Front For Secret Organization City, takes a detour on You Have To Believe In Yourself Highway, and then comes to a dull, grinding halt in its own portrayal of that show-killing, ridiculously abused cliché of the Enfante Terrible. Coincidentally, that’s where I got the hell off, because I can’t take that shit anymore.

Spoilers over, you can start reading again.


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  1. Im looking forward to School Days now xD LET THE GROPING COMMENCE!

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