Peach Girl: High School Drama

August 4, 2007




You sit there and you think “DAMN YOU SAE SOMEONE NEEDS TO KILL YOU”. But then you think”WHY ARE ALL THE CHARACTERS SO RETARDED?”. Sae is evil. She is just and evil, bitch High School girl with confidence issues so she had to steal everything good off of everyone else to feel good about herself. I have known girls like that from when I was in High School. Sae drives me mad. I can’t watch Peach Girl if I’m in the mood for an Anime Romance because I just want to kill her. She’s stealing everything from Momo, but you know Momo you have it coming. To be honest Momo shouldn’t be so caught up in her looks and what people assume she is. She should dispell assumptions through actions and make them all EAT their words.

Sae starts putting ideas into Momos head saying shes been kissing Touji (Momos newly aquired boyfriend who she’s liked since middle school) and that she was at Touji’s house. Now the first thing any sane girl would do when given a piece of information like that is not sit arond a fret about it but go up to your boyfriend and say “Sae says she was at your house last night and you took advantage of her. I know that’s not true but I thought you may like to know” Then he would know what a lying bitch Sae is and never make FRIENDS with her and take her side over yours. Its the first rule of dealing with the Bitchy Women. Always be one step ahead.

Also Momo you shouldn’t have been quiet about your relationship with Touji. If you were honest and open about it then people would see Sae stealing him OFF OF YOU and when he went into hospital noone could have started rumours that you were stealing him off of Sae. Then you would avoid whatever situation is coming your way in episode Four. You see if you just are honest and COMMUNICATE then bad things can’t happen and bitchy lying girls can’t stand in your way. Momo is such a typical teenage girl and Touji is such a idiot boy. When your girlfriend tells you the girl you are getting all your romantic advice from IS NOT HER FRIEND then you don’t go back to her and get more advice. You shouldn’t always believe what your girlfriend says outright but I know that the other boy after Momo would back up her saying Sae is a fake because he saw Sae being a fake and knows whats really going down.


I love it.


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