Review: Zombies!!!

August 6, 2007

I probably should spend more time writing things for you wonderful people, and less time indulging on fresh sushi and sake in San Francisco…

…which by the way I HIGHLY recommend. Especially this one place over on Irving St. called Sushi Kazu (Yes, this is a shameless plug…for a friend of a friend).

Anyway, as for a video game review….I got nothing. Yup. Game market is slightly dry at the moment, and it will be until Madden comes out next week. But for now, I have THIS:

Twilight Creation's ZOMBIES!!! ZOMBIES!!! by Twilight Creations. To put it simply, this is a board/card game (hey…it doesn’t ALL have to be about Video Games…amirite?) and the whole point of the game is to screw over the other players, kill lots and lots of zombies, and be the first one to the heliport. Now, the cool thing about it is that the game is ALWAYS different. You don’t have a set playing board. Instead, you have tiles that each player puts down at the beginning of each of their turns. Each tile has a certain number of zombies that must be played on it, as well as health and ammo. There are also action cards (most of which have been ripped directly from numerous zombie movies) which can throw a wrench into the works. Cards like “Hey! A Shotgun” will pop up, or cards that will put more zombies into play, or cards that will screw over your opponents and make them thirst for blood, namely, yours. Each player starts with a certain number of health tokens. You lose all your health tokens, and you get sent back to the middle of town. Now, this game has been out for quite a while and has a number of expansions released for it, such as a Mall (duh), Military Base (w00t! Radioactive Experimentation Zombies!), College Campus, and a lake shore cabin.

So, for a mere $24.99, you can get the first initial set, then invite some friends over, throw on a zombie movie for ambiance and enjoy!

Drew’s Rating: I <3’s me some Zombies! This one is a no-brainer (Get it? It’s a Zombie joke! Ha!) BUY IT! Enjoy!

Oh….and more (vidya!!) game reviews later this month!


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