Anime Magazines AKA Why I don’t Need to be informed About Anime I Have Already Watched.

August 7, 2007

I dislike Anime magazines.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I dislike reading about Anime. I love reading about Anime, hell I wrote my dissertation on Anime and the representation of Gender and Sexuality in Anime. I have books on Anime theory (from when I was writing my dissertation) and read Anime blogs. HELL THIS IS AN ANIME BLOG. But Anime Magazines just seem to be behind the times. They are expensive and noone wants to read about series released a year or more ago that have just got their way onto DVD now. Seriously it’s just common sense.

The majority of Anime fans download their anime. That’s why so many subbing groups exist. We do not want to wait ages for us to watch a mere selection of the Anime availiable in Japan. We want to be able to watch whatever we want when we want to do so. So god bless bittorrent and sites like Boxtorrents and Animesuki who provide us with Anime as it happens. I am currently watching Lucky Star, Lovely Complex and School Days. All airing in Japan and I download a new episode once a week as they come. No matter how you feel about downloading you can’t deny that Anime needs things like bittorrent to help it along. The fans would get so bored had they not had the ability to download things as and when the air in Japan and to have the ability to watch the brand new seasons Anime and the old Animes from seasons gone!

Today I picked up Total Anime, its on it’s second issue so it’s still pretty new. I’ve read most of the other Anime magazines availiable to me already such as Newtype and Neo. Newtype is full of Gundam stuff, everytime I buy it it’s telling me about Gundam. I hate Gundam. It bores me. I want to hear about Tengen Toppa Gurren Laagen not Gundam bloody Wing. Neo I just didn’t get into, I’m not sure why but it wasn’t that interesting for me. Total Anime however had articles in it that I did like. Things about the Anime Industry, Blogs, Things about Video Games and Anime interlinking and why opening credits matter. I like reading things like this that are about Anime as a whole. They had a great bit on how Anime is misunderstood in the Media which I loved! I’ve been writing a piece like that for Pink Domino so it was great to read what other people think. Sure Total Anime still told me about animes I already know and had a DVD listing that was full of things I’d already seen but the majority of the Magazine wasn’t about old Animes that have just come out on DVD here so they are making them seem new. It was about the Anime Industry and Culture and I liked that.

My ideal Anime Magazine? One that focused on Anime Series in Japan so we didn’t have to read about how they think the Haruhi Dance will sweep across the West NOW when it has aleady done so like A YEAR ago. I would like to read about all the new seasons anime when it came out you know. I would also like to read things about Anime Culture and the Industry. There should but a pull-out poster section, an art section and like some sort of manga running through. That would be a great Anime Magazine. Perhaps link to some Japanese Music, some JRock and Jpop. It doesn’t have to encourage people to go downloading, it doesn’t even have to mention downloading all it has to do is follow the Japanese Anime Schedual rather than the shitty UK/USA one. Then we would find these magazines fresh and exciting!

Hell. They should just let me make a Pink Domino Magazine xD Gaming, Anime and Internet Culture all at your convinience!



  1. I totally agree.

    P.S. is there any way for me to read your dissertation on Anime and the representation of Gender and Sexuality in Anime?

    it would be of great interest to me 🙂

  2. Yeah sure thing (: I have it backed up somewhere! I shall find it and post it on here if you like!

  3. You have said something I’ve expressed any number of times in conversation: print anime magazines can never hope to keep up with the Internet in terms of keeping fans informed.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s almost like it’s a waste of paper to print them in their current state.

  5. bittorrent is the best thing that happened to me since alcohol. for real.

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  7. Oooh…Did you ever post your dissertation on Gender and Sexuality in Anime, sounds really interesting! i would love to read it as i wrote something similar for my dissertation.

  8. Hey (:

    Unfortunatly the copy I have on my flashdisk doesn’t work on word anymore >.< It errors everytime I try which is really annoying! I think I may write an article on Gender and Sexuality in Anime over again and post it up soon so keep checking back!

    It’s a really interesting topic I think!

  9. […] to Neo Anime. Neo Anime seems to be, from what I hear, the UK’s most popular Anime magazine. We all know how I feel about Anime Magazines. I think they are a bit of a waste of time and to be honest with you the guy at the Neo Anime stand […]

  10. in resonse to Nay-Chan, have written that article? I am really interested in this area of study.

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