Maple Story: Turning your kids into credit card thieves….

August 11, 2007

…or so Fox 11 New Los Angeles says…

In yet ANOTHER one of Fox 11’s reports on “teh horrors of teh intrawebs”, this time they cover something serious, something that has MILLIONS addicted….. and that something is Maple Story.


So, of the many (and I do mean MANY) MMO’s….they go after Maple Story? Now, I’m just confused. I mean, we all got some “lulz” from the 4chan/7chan/420chan story they did a while back, but this is just stupid. Yes, Maple Story is a free Korean MMO where you CAN buy extras, but it’s NOT REQUIRED. There’s a reason why parent’s need to set limits on how much their kids play games.

Woah…I can’t believe I just said that…

Anyway, claiming that “addiction” led these kids to “steal” from their parent’s to buy shit in game is a complete load of bullshit. This is just poor safeguarding of the PayPal account in question. More than likely, the parent just uses an auto-password saving feature of their browser to make things easier for themselves. Sorry Fox 11. Video games don’t do these things, shitty parents do.

….oh…and tune in next week when Fox 11 discovers the evils of World of Warcraft….GASP! >:|



  1. HAHA. Interesting.

  2. Yay, the terrorists are winning!

  3. … Surely WoW would cause more kids to steal than Maple Story


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