Fangirls and Why We Find Anime Girls Hot

August 13, 2007

I am a girl and I have a substantial image folder full of Anime girls. I have never been able to explain why this is, it’s hardly to do with my Sexuality, I can say quite easily I find girls IRL sexy but I don’t have a big folder full of them in bikinis or echhi of them. I have some good stock images of my fav hot celebs for use in layouts and such but that’s hardly new. It’s this huge folder of Ecchi girls that always makes me think. If Anime debases women so much and makes them into objects to be lusted after with huge breasts and perfect bodies and bukkake then why do I, and most girls into Anime, find them just as great as the fanboys?

Women are objects of desire in some Anime (not all Anime. Its a huge form of media so I shall not restrict it all here). I mean you can look at some characters and they have full breasts and amazing figures and look hot. There are endless fanservice shots of them in their underwear or closeups of their asses. But usually a hot anime girl comes with a firey, headstrong attitude. It is very rare to see her give in to a man or lose herself around one. It is more likely to see her punch his lights out or hit him. Strong and Sexy, surely thats a great thing to be? Christina Aguilera, The Spice Girls, Beyonce.. they all are strong and Sexy. They are also all objects of desire for men and sell more records/get more publicity because of it. I don’t know. Does that make up for the fact they are obviously there to turn the male viewer on. I don’t know. But the fact it gets the female fan saving images of them and watching the Animes and rooting for them or hating them is always good.

Anime girls are hot. I’m not losing myself in this by the way, I also know they are NOT REAL. *laughs* It’s always sad to see someone who is watching Anime Girls more than Real Girls and fails to have another half because noone in Real Life actually looks like BellDandy. But you get drawn in by an amazing anime style picture thats really well drawn, really well coloured in and just looks amazing. Its a fact. So me, assuming I am the standard anime fan, having a folder full of images that I think are amazing (a lot of them Ecchi xD) is hardly surprising. I used to say that Anime fans tend to have a lax view on Sex and stuff since you are exposed to so much of it in Anime that you just don’t realise it’s there anymore. So all these images I have I don’t see as being Ecchi, or racy I just see them as awesome Anime images to add to my collection.

Perhaps it’s also the fact that Anime women are like… not like normal women. I mean they are like Normal Women obviously but they are also Cat-Girls, Fox-Girls, Bunny-Girls, Elves, Witches, Fairies, Magical School Girls, Girls with Huge Guns… All these things that are interested to watch and things we try and emulate through Cosplay. I know girls that wear Cat Ears and Cat Tails now as part of their daily wear and feel weird if they don’t have them on because they love CatGirls so much. I think that girls love to Cosplay as Sailor Moon, who wouldn’t want to be a hot, magical girl who kicks ass? They may not be the best figures to look up to sure, but you know they are pretty damn cool. I like that anyway, the fantastical and the unreal. Makes things more interesting. Also the people who draw girls like this well make some captivating art that you can’t help but save or buy in poster form to stick on your wall!

I think Women in Anime are misunderstood, but I’m not going to get into that subject here. I don’t think they are treated any differently than they are in any other. They show off their lady lumps in Film, Music, on TV so Anime is no different but I find it funny that it is seen as such a big deal in Anime. That if you say to someone you like Anime they immediately think of some obscure Hentai that was no doubt created in their imaginations with aliens and every hole being filled. If people got over this misconception and actually sat down and watched some Anime without prejudging it then they would love it I reckon. Even the Ecchi High School Comedys (because let’s face it WE ALL have a weakness for them).

God Bless the Hot Anime Girls. Let’s hope they draw more!


Heres the bigger image of this for you ❤



  1. That picture is pretty hot, really like the story 2..

  2. hye

  3. hey
    keep up the good work

  4. Rock on ! ^_^
    Anime Girls rule !!

  5. well, we all have to agree somewhat that there is something always very alluring about the Anime woman, most anime women are made to look beautiful, and over half of those beautiful anime women have breasts that would never be obtainable without multiple visits to the plastic surgeon, and the fact that you are now a hunch-back, stealing the effect of massive breasts away from you, because they now notice that you always bend over.

    But it is interesting to see that people would pay attention to an anime picture more than actual pictures, in anime you can do more without a moral block limiting you…. so you can put whatever the hell situation you want (Bondage, Rape), just seeing situations like that scare me to death (I know I’m a bit of a wuss….) but when i see any form of porn(Anime or not), I want to see it done with two able bodied individuals, even though i regularly do not watch porn…. I would never want to see a rape scene, even if it was staged, i’d probably…. hide in the corner X.x….. I guess that is just me…

    And yes…. Anime girls are smexy…. that is what they are drawn to be(well… most of them XD)

  6. the irony in this is quite funny, actually. i was looking for said material when i saw this article and figured i’d read in on it. you do make a good point that anime girls are normally sexy AND strong, so i guess i’ll add that to my defense for “having bad drawings” xD. anyway, thanks for writing this, i have to say it was certainly a learning experience. much love ❤

  7. im a guy and i like anime, but it makes me angry when every tim im watching my anime or reading my mangas people accuse me of being a perv or that im watching somthing inapropriate

  8. this picture is hot. I Best part of manga is being able to draw so many different styles of women. not to mention the ease if making each and every one so perfectly formed. god i love it. The picture is great, simple and excellent use of color. I especially love the reflection of light, heh. good job

  9. i totally agree with this girl but sometimes i think guys are just drawn in by these pictures strongly because of just how hot they look or i may be wrong the pictures i see is just like she says its because how great in detail the drawing is art is one of the best thing’s in the world i love art specially japanese anime they come up with the coolest stuff..

  10. lmao, well… I definately agree with your argument and like someone else said above, I`m also sick of people poking fun at anime saying that I am watching hentai or some such. To be perfectly honest it`s the same as someone watching friends and saying oh hey you watchin some nice porno there. I`m a normal guy who enjoys boxing as a sport and doing stupid stuff, yet I still love anime. Anime can be for everyone, people just need to give it a minute to entrance them. People need to stop judging and start watching so they can understand what fascinates us all.

    Oh and btw I found this while looking for a new wallpaper for my computer 😛 Ecchi ftw.

    btw if anyone wants to toss me some good wallpapers my email is hopper.22@hotmail.com

    • I totally agree with what you say. Everyday that I’am on the computer and I look at anime girls my family and friends say that I’am looking at hentai. That’s what anybody would say if they didn’t give anime a chance. They assume that it’s all hentai and nothing else. Just like you said “People need to stop judging and start watching so they can understand what fascinates us all.”


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