Sorry kids Superman is dead, Cosmo mag killed him!

August 14, 2007

Apparently I have a third arm growing out of my head. I must do, its the only explanation to why everyone stares at me when I read a comic in public……no wait. The latest edition of my monthly comic has just come out so I leg it down to my local comic book store to buy it. This being an once a month treat I wanna enjoy it, so I buy a smoothie and sit on a bench in the town centre enjoying my comic in the sun. Then my spider sense starts to tingle; I’m being judged for reading my filthy comic out side the confines of Forbidden Planet by strangers!

Usually its single, slightly weird teenage boys that enjoy spending way too much time alone in their bedrooms that are known for reading comics. Well being a non-single female I take great pride in reading comics! I want to know if Catwoman saves Holly or see Ichigo kick the crap out of another Hollow but no, I should be reading “8 ways to find out if he loves you more than his ex” in Cosmo mag. For some reason the people in the UK have never taken to reading comics like the Japanese have. We dismiss them as childish and irrelevant. But the Japanese can read Yuri on a packed out train and no one bats an eye lid. I pull out the latest copy of Birds of Prey and I’m slapped with a literary ASBO.

I’m not reading a ‘proper’ book therefore its crap. I do enjoy reading novels but I get so much more enjoyment from comics. Each window is basically a small peice of art that could tell a thousand stories. The detail and colouring requires a talent that I could never posses and I take such delight in seeing something new every time. People say they are pointless stories about superheros and magic with no relevence to todays society. Once again I disagree. In one particular comic series, Batman:No Man’s Land, is set when Gotham is hit by a earth quake and declared ‘No mans land’. The stories demonstrate the extent people will go to survive and make a profit. The similarities to current situations around the world gave me a bit of a chill as it was written a few years ago. Go and read it, if you instantly see which disaster it is mirroring, I’ll give you some sweets ^_^.

So please dont snuff at comics because they aren’t ‘cultured’ enough. If you read one you might find it has more culture in one page than 100 copies of The News of the World you read every week.


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  1. Hear hear. Having to travel for 50mins on the bus each way to work, I still get uncomfortable reading graphic novels because of peoples attitudes towards comics. It’s frustrating because it takes a certain level of maturity to appreciate the effort that goes into making them. Also, I’m 28 dammit! I should be allowed to read comics in public if I choose to! =P

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