Anime Loving Geek Girls: The Best Kept Secret

August 15, 2007

…”i have to admit fan girls are the most perverted people EVER! If only boys at school knew that they shouldnt go after the ‘school slut’ just go for the geeky fan girl, they are ALWAYS horny lol”…

This was put to me the other day and it got me thinking because in a lot of ways it’s true! I wouldn’t say Geek Girls on a whole are more perverted and horny than Hot Girls (I know Hot Girls is an AWFUL way of generalizing them but I mean those popular, cheerleadery types you see in teen American Shows xD) but I think Anime Loving Girls are. As I said in my last post, if you’re an Anime Loving Girl you are exposed to SO MUCH sex. It’s true! Because a lot of Anime is filled with sexual tension, innuendo and plain outright fanservice. We are used to sex. So is the above statement true? Are we what the horny boys should be going for? Let’s try and figure this out!


Let’s start with the fact Anime Loving Girls love their Cosplay. It’s true you know, we do, and most Cosplay outfits are based on Women in Anime who are amazingly Sexy. Look at the girl Above who is Cosplaying as the Wicked Sexy Misa-Chan from Death Note. She looks AMAZING. That’s the thing about Cosplay, it makes Anime Loving Girls not afraid to dress sexy and show a bit of skin. Even if they are doing BAD COSPLAY they still aren’t afraid. This makes them more confident in themselves and they feel sexy. Therefore Roleplay isn’t something that would scare an Anime-Loving Girl away. I think Role Play is something the Anime Loving Girl would be at her element in rather than the Hot Girl who may call you a freak and never want to touch you. So we have learned that Cosplay makes Anime Loving Girls not afraid of dressing up and not afraid of looking sexy. Hence why you should go for them more than the Hot Girl.

All Anime Loving Girls have an Image Stash and a lot of that Image Stash is ECCHI ECCHI ECCHI! As I said we are decensitized to it so we don’t actually see it as boobies and asses, we see the images as cool Anime pictures. So if you are one of those boys (I mean like EVERY BOY) who watches a bit of the old Pron or perhaps even some Hentai a Anime Loving Girl is more likely to sit down and watch it with you and get excited with you than chew you out about it and make you promise to never do it again. It would be hypocritical of her to say that you couldn’t have magazines hidden under the bed when she has an Ecchi stash hidden away on her computer. A few people I know have even said they hide their Yaoi and Echhi Mangas from their boyfriends rather than their boyfriends hiding their Pron from them. Anime Loving Girls are just as perverted and Echhi as any normal boy. Which I think is more refreshing then having girls squeal at you in dissaproval and make you throw ally our magazines away! The average Anime Loving Girl will make you feel comfortable and probably make the first move too because of all this xD Just don’t be scared by her love of Yaoi, if she is a Yaoi Fangirl that is, accept it and move on!

Because of these two main factors you will find that Anime Loving Girls are more open and more experimental than Hot Girls. Where Hot Girls will scream No and call you weird Anime Loving Girls will probably join in and make things hotter. So why don’t men (who are looking for some hot girls xD) realise this? Because they assume Anime Loving Girls are geekis and what is the sterotypical image of a Geek? Someone who sits along in their room all day, doesn’t have many friends and obsesses over episodes of Star Trek. Also that Geek Girls are not hot. Both of these are completely untrue and perhaps it is the Mans fault he is missing out on the great action that is the Anime Loving Geek Girl. No doubt if he got himself one of those girls and treated her good he’d be getting the best loving of his life.



  1. Yeah baby so true. Thanks for quoting me lol. Anime loving girls are so sexually liberated than the normal ‘hot’ girl. We love to sit and play video games, watch anime but yet love dressing up as sexy characters (role play anyone?). We rule!!!

  2. I don’t know about other girls, but as for me, this is true.

    Also, with my beloved best friend, deepbluedragon who is a yaoi-freak.

    (Check her out her stories at http://www.fanfiction.net)

    I love to dress-up and watch anime and play video games(only problem is, my mother fusses at me everytime I’m not doing anything productive).

    And I’m down right sexy when you get me into a cosplay…


    • I just want to say you sound like the girl of my dreams

  3. It’s true!! it’s all true i love anime!!
    and i would love to cosplay more i felt so comfortable and i was not scared at all!
    but i am not a yaoi fan sorry!

    bye bye

  4. hi

    couldn’t agree more


  5. well the tendancy is there, but people shouldn’t assume it to be the case. while i do know many who really are perverts, some are really curious and still really shy. the later ones would never admit it or talk about it (except maybe to other girls). There are also one that truly and really innocent.

  6. You’ve made my day =]

    That was the best read this year… Well It’s only 15 days into the year but that’s not the point ^_^.

    Do you cosplay? I’m going to the MCM expo in London this May with my girlfriend and now that i’ve read this i’m going to find it extremely hard not to imagine “stuff” about the anime loving girls there. Especially the ones in cosplay >_<

    I actually prefer the shy, innocent girls (…and guys xD) that don’t wear makeup to the so-called “Hot girls”. The modest girls are much more special than the ones who have to make themselves look like manikins (Is that how you spell it? Firefox spellcheck is giving me so well dodgy words recently. It’s those plastic statues they put in clothes shop windows)

    Anyway, enough of my rambling.

    P.S Thanks for posting the amazingly pretty Misa-chan pic ^_^ *saves*

    And a word of advice, NEVER challenge the Japanese to a cosplay competition unless you’re also Japanese xD. You’ll be humiliated by the cosplay Nazis.

    much love, goodnight ^_^

  7. I almost cried when reading that! I didnt know that stuff about anime loving geek girls! im a huge fan of anime and Ive been looking for a girl who shares my interest in manga and anime, this post has renewed my hopes to find that one girl! so, thank you very much!

  8. Yes, thats very nice and all.. but you are missing one little fact… That almost all anime loving girls are fat, ugly and nerdy!

  9. Do you really bellieve that all anime loving girls look like the one in the picture, yeah right.. dream on! That is Kipi a famous cosplayer MODEL of japan so dont expect to find one of those at your school boys!

  10. M: you really need to get out more. Just like with their male counterparts, otaku girls come in all shapes & sizes. Going to just -one- anime con will show you that. And by definition, a girl who loves anime is nerdy. Personally, I’d rather be able to play some video games or watch an anime with my g/f than have to wait on her to finish doing her hair/makeup., and then be limited to mainstream activities like going clubbing or watching mundane romantic comedies.

    But I digress. Without going into details, otaku girls are some of the kinkiest I’ve ever had the pleasure of befriending.

  11. i argue with 1 of the comments. i LOVE anime and im sexy and hot. and also kinda, a little, tiny bit, slutty.
    jane aint my real name

  12. I went to the MCM expo in London yesterday as an Anbu, and chirst! There were hundreds of sexy anime loving girls, and they were far more attracting than any average ‘hot girl’ i’ve ever seen, and i got hugs from them all aswell =D

    Great article

    Did you see the AMAZING Rikku?

  14. Im 18yo girl and I do love cosplaying and anime alot and i do have hentai hidden on my pc and its true that im not afraid of it XD

  15. Wow this is so true, i have dated bothe types of girl, and once you go “anime lovin girl” you dont go back. lol Id love to see some more cosplay pics? if any one is interested in shareing: kris_boyracer@hotmail.co.uk
    Id love to chat aswell so send me an email sum time.

  16. hey i always thort that anime loving girls and cosplayers were way better than the ‘hot’ girls but 1 slight prob none near me 😦

    im from derby in england if ne anime girls from near there then mail me at ianh16@msn.com n we can chatt n stuff

    bye bye xx xx

  17. look this is all true, and i know first hand, but i cant figure out how to get them to go out with me. when i ask they just say “sorry your not my type” please help me. my email is death_scythe2@yahoo.com

  18. Yo.. I’m looking for an anime girl for years now. (I’m 27) And I’m loosing hope. She doesn’t needs to be perfect looking, just not too overweight.
    I live in London/Brent Cross and obviously am single..
    Anybody out there? 🙂


  19. haha yea my gf is an anime loving girl n she is so much hotter than any other girl i know:P which is rather awesome n lucky for me:)

    good article

  20. wow. i honestly think the anime loving girls are the hot ones (somtimes). well my girlfriend loves anime so yeah. lol. but DAYUM is that girl in the misa outfit hot. fuck…. japanese guys are so lucky. they don’t deserve japanese girls with their 2 inch dicks (no offense lol) cuz its true. lol.

    • Fuck you, you unintelligent, generalizing, stereotypical piece of racist shit.

  21. Heh well whoever reads the comments, don’t be discouraged into thinking hecka hot anime/game loving girls are impossible to find. I found one, and she’s no jpeg file, either. With all the girls in the world I’m sure all of you will find one in good time.

  22. Em, for me this isn’t true. All the girls I’m reasonable friends with aren’t porn-hating anti-sex bitches, most of them are pretty open sexually, I’ve even sat down and watched some porn films with a couple of them (this is NOT as kinky as it sounds, one of them forced me to watch some of the weirdest shit I’ve seen in my life. I think I’m scarred).

    We talk about sex all the time, and they’re not animé or manga lovers. Whenever I start talking about Death Note or Studio Ghibli, it goes way over their heads, and you wouldn’t call any of them particularly unattractive either. Maybe I’m just lucky, or my friends are actually all hentai-loving ecchi freaks deep, deep down inside. Although I strongly doubt the latter.

  23. Lol, it’s true at times, some anime girls are pretty wild. dated one. lol, also true that most “normal” girls don’t accept hentai as much. my current girlfriend thinks of the extreme weird tentical stuff when she thinks of anime, but the stuff i’ve seen isn’t like that… no offence to tentical hentai ppl, but it’s not my thing

  24. i agre anime loveing girl are great but uhh lol they are all black or mixed like me =0 but they look smoking in cosplays LOL

  25. Hi i play lead guitar for a japanese metal band and i just want to say i prefer the anime loving gils to the prepy type anyday me the week

  26. I just want to say I wood lov to find a geeke anima loving girl who’s in to cosplay cos if any bloke out there thinks that hot girls are better you got to mad coz have you ever seen some of them girls when they are all dressed up in the out fits now that’s a girl of my dreams a girl who dressis up and lovs anima now that’s a hot girl I just wanted to let every one out there that thinks anima loving geeke girls are ugly your big time.

  27. I’m not gonna argue with this lol… we have become awfully desensitized to the boobs & ass & other stuff… I blame myself though… reading Love Hina & Chobits at the tender age of 12/13 can’t have helped really lol… and over the years it just got worse lol…

    Though I don’t cosplay… I do have *one* outfit because I love the series to death, never worn it at home or in public though, I own it for for the same reason I own my Feena Dakimakura lol. And my figures… etc…

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