This is pre-empting!

August 15, 2007

So, it has come to my attention that Drew was in the middle of writing a post called “No Madden Here”. Thank you, WordPress for letting me see other people’s drafts and pre-empt them. See, it was Drew’s argument that Pink Domino is a global site, and American football is an activity which is, well, far too American for the average PD reader’s taste. Too bad for you poor sods that I really don’t care. See, I like American football (GO PATS). No matter how you twist or turn it, it’s a beautiful game: strategically, athletically and any other way you choose to look at it. And despite the fact that I’m not on any varsity team or have “keg stands” listed on my interests on Myspace, I thoroughly enjoy Madden games.

Lately, not all has been right in Madden world, though. It started with Madden 07, the first iteration of Madden for next-gen consoles. Critics said that it was rather silly that the game was missing features which were in the previous years, which was echoed in the reviews for practically every EA Sports game making their debuts on next-gen hardware. This year, there’s been some major overhauls in every category, and things have, judging by pre-release video, been looking real sweet and juicy. There’s been a couple of things that have been worrying, like EA’s insistence that the PS3 version run at 30 FPS rather than the 360’s 60 FPS, but that’s minor at best. Apparently, EA were loathe to tell us one important thing:

The PC version is essentially the same game as Madden 07, which was the same as Madden 06. Yes, yes, some of you will be all like “O RLY” and follow it up with an ever-so-witty “EA = whores” and so on, but bear with me. Sure, as far as the “new features” button is concerned, most of it’s there. The new kicking system, Hit Stick 2.0 ™(R)(C)(Nobel Prize), but some of it, I have barely noticed, like one of the things that sounded the most revitalizing for Madden as a whole: branching animations. Sadly, they don’t seem to be anywhere to be found on the PC, which still makes the running game look like you’re riding bumper cars, and still makes the experience as a whole rather capricious. I’ve caught running backs running off-route just because the collision detection made them. Maybe this is the product of the game being graphically identical to the last two versions, which prohibited whichever team working on it from implementing them. The same thing goes for the overall presentation, which feels quite early previous-gen, and lacks the polish that a game of this caliber should have. There’s also a number of areas that could’ve been improved: your punt return team still requires the players to leave their brains on the bench, leaving you alone, surrounded by two, three opponents trying to run a ball up-field. Not gonna happen. The controls could’ve been tighter, and the player camera in Superstar mode is still fucking retarded.

As much as it hurts me, dear readers, I have to tell you that if you own an Xbox 360, then you’ve got the chance to buy this year’s definitive version of Madden. For anyone else, we can always keep a faint glimmer of hope that next year’s version will be better? Well, maybe everyone except the PC owners.



  1. God damnit. >_< Note to self: Keep drafts on my computer, not on PD’s draft cache….

  2. LMAO! xD

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