A Rebuttal: Madden, from a different perspective…

August 16, 2007

donotwantSo, I was undercut in my article. In my defense, it was a WORK IN PROGRESS. Anyway, turns out Madden this year turned out to not be a carbon copy of last year’s game with a roster upgrade a decent (American) football game. Within my company (rhymes with “LameStop“), Madden is absolutely fantastic. One of our yearly best sellers for the company overall.

Overall, yes. However, the numbers show that Northern California (where I work) has some of the WORST sales numbers for this game. It’s even worse my my store. For some reason (I seriously had absolutely NOTHING to do with this…well…almost nothing), our top rated games are as follows: RPGs, First Person Shooters, and Guitar Hero. So, the week of a new Madden game launch is typically one of our worst sales weeks. The main highlight of this week has been Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 (which I will have a review up in a few days). So from a retail perspective (at least within the conditions I have named) Madden is terrible.

Of course, there is another side to this story. I have never been one for sports games. They never have really interested me (aside from the more arcade-y stuff. Such as Mario Strikers Charged.) and more than likely never will. I have tried the new Madden game and have come to the conclusion that, yep, it’s football. Of course, I hate to bring this up, Madden does attract that certain type of gamer (no offense to gabexmosh or anyone else who enjoys Madden. I’m implying that there are these kinds of people out there, not saying that you fit into this category.) that I have lovingly dubbed:

“The Bro”

The Bro is a type of gamer who usually sticks to one or two games (usually the current Madden and some iteration of Halo and/or Counter-Strike) and doesn’t stray much from those two. Occasionally, they will venture outside those boundaries to play games such as Guitar Hero or some classic game to bring back memories of the “good old days”. They have a tendency to refer to a fair amount of other games (read as: Adventure games, RPGs, Fighting games, etc.) as “gay”.

These types of gamers irk the living shit outta me, moreover because I have to deal with their “ilk” on a weekly basis. But, back to my original point. I don’t have anything against Madden. It’s just that I don’t play sports games and other unfortunate circumstances. It may be a great game, it may not be, but that is not my place to decide. Now back to my jRPGs and scrounging up info for more reports on what’s coming up next.



  1. Nobody’s buying Madden in NorCal because the 49ers suck! GO PATS



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