Don’t Blame Your Lack Of Sex On Women.

August 24, 2007

the only thing im serious about is not dating anyone
women are tramps ^^
Nay-Chan says:
…. ooook if you say so
that i do

I hate boys like this. Who complain that all women suck just because no woman wants to date them. This boy who said “all women are tramps” is particularly bad and particularly annoying. He seems to think that if a girl likes him she can only like him. They aren’t dating or anything, she is in no way tied to him but he wants her to act like she is. The only time you need to be absolutely faithful to someone is if you’re dating. To be fair if you do really like the guy you WON’T go off with someone else because you want to be with them. He thinks girls should be obiedient and good and do what they are told. That women can’t actually date around and fuck around because that makes them WHORES. OH FOR GODS SAKE. NO WONDER NO WOMAN WANTS YOU xD

Chill out.

That is my advice to all men with these stupid expectations of having a girlfriend who dotes upon only them, who was saving herself for them and who has aspirations of being with him and marrying him and having his children and cleaning up after him. Very few women I know go into realtionships and plan the wedding. It’s scary, so why on Earth do you think about marriage before you’re even dating her? CHILL OUT! See how things go, have some fun. That’s what good relationships are like. Chilled out, free of drama, full of trust and fun.

Have you ever thought its you that is the problem and not the Women? You can’t use your past disasters against all women kind and you can’t hang on to your heartbreak. You don’t get ANYWHERE by assuming all girls will cheat on you because one of your girlfriends cheated on you. You move on and you forgive and you learn from what happened. I have very few trust issues because I deal with the problems I have head on and get the out of the way. That’s why me and James are good friends now, that’s why I don’t have issues with thinking everyone is a pathological liar, that’s why I don’t think every man is out to control me like Rob wanted too. You have to be secure with yourself to have some sort of a decent stable relationship.

Relationships aren’t easy and you have to work at them but if they work then its great. If you have something special with someone don’t fuck it up by being stupid and clingy and worrying. If your other half loves you half as much as they say they do they will not cheat on you, they will not hurt you and they will not lie to you. There are few exceptions to this though, from what I understand. Sometimes things just go mad and neither of you can help what happens. What I’m saying is don’t stress about women and love. Let go and just go with the flow. You will be so much better mentally for it.

Your lack of sex, lack of girls, lack of girlfriend is YOUR FAULT not Womankinds fault. Grow up and sort yourself out.



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more when you say: “Relationships aren’t easy and you have to work at them but if they work then its great.”

  2. This is actually not just a guy problem; I’ve heard girls talk about guys in much the same way. It’s a problem with the maturity of people in general.

    “stupid expectations of having a girlfriend who dotes upon only them”
    In particular, this is quite applicable to females with a similar attitude as you describe above and their expectations of the males they date or want to date.
    Either way, you’re right. It’s the person’s own fault; not the opposite sex.

    The female version would probably just be labeled, “Don’t Blame Your Lack of a Relationship on Men.” The gender neutral version would just be, “Don’t Blame Your Lack of a Relationship on Others.”

  3. Just make sure you do fight for them somewhat. My girlfriend gets peeved when she pays attention to other guys and I seemingly don’t mind. She wants me to be at least a tiny bit jealous that other guys are getting her attention.

    I’m just too laid back.

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