Review: Warhawk

September 7, 2007

First, an apology. I know I should have been writing more. Now, I could blame the stupid amount of heat lately, but that would be wrong. I could blame the amount of time I’ve been putting into work and other projects, but that would be wrong too. The real reason that this very review has taken so damn long to write? WarHawk. That’s right. The Very game I’m reviewing right now is the sole reason for my slacking off. Hell. It’s caused this VERY review to be late. Anyway, let’s get down to it.

Warhawk Box Title: WarHawk

System: Playstation 3

Genre: 3rd Person Ground/Air combat….pew pew pew pew!!!

ESRB Rating: T for Teen (Blood, Mild Violence, Language, …PEW PEW PEW!!!!)

I need to first start off with this: I fricken love this game. It’s been the SOLE reason why I haven’t been updating this week (Well…that and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption…but more on that later.). Yes, it’s multiplayer only, but trust me, it fricken WORKS (unlike some OTHER games….lookin’ at you Shadowrun). Games play out alot like Battlefield 1942 with massive maps and some of the most EPIC dogfights evar. Just to get a good feel for how expansive most maps are, hop in a WarHawk, start flying around and notice that the draw distances are massive. Hell, I could spot a player, on foot, from across the map. It’s really needless to say that the extra large maps were needed for this game, when you take into account the massive battles between Warhawks that occur. Speaking of the Warhawks, controls are FLUID. Incognito has made it extremely easy to go from ground combat to air combat with intuitive controls. You can do barrel rolls, bombing runs, strafing runs, and zip and turn through tight corners and corridors with relative ease.

Now, the overall backend is fucking smooth. I have yet to experience any sort of lag on any ranked server. When servers support up to 32 players on the massive maps that it provides, that’s downright amazing. Not to mention that it gives you the option to set up your own server or dedicated server. There is also several local game options, also including the ability to LAN up several PS3s for matches up to 24 players on a local network. But, the full online is just amazing. Here, check this out:

CLUSTERS!! This would be Sony’s Warhawk servers. That’s right, it’s a shit-ton of PS3s. Awsome. But this game is not without it’s faults. First off, the ranking system is currently broken. This is an easy fix. Secondly, The game needs more auto-matching options. The standard casual gamer is not going to automatically know how to set up search filters for themselves to find the right game type they want to play. Also, it needs some better clan options. But all this shit can be fixed with a patch or two.

With Ultra-Solid online gameplay, and the promise of expanded content in the future, Warhawk is an amazing title, considering it is only online.

Drew’s Reccomendation: BUY IT! This is a must own title for any PS3 owner!!! 


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  1. Great to hear about the lack of lag, I’ve been looking forward to a great dog fighting game online.

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