Anime In My Real Life: Food In Anime a Taste Adventure!

September 20, 2007

So I was having a conversation with one of my friends today and we have always had this idea to go to China Town and buy all the random looking Chinese/Japanese Food and eat it all. He is not familiar with Anime so a lot of it has no meaning to him other than “random new food to try” but to me a lot of the products relate back to Anime I have watched. I have watched characters eat certain foods over and over again and now my mission is to try these foods and see what they are like. Crazy? Yes. But this is what will happen when Anime invades my real life. So I am going to make a list of the stuff I want to try and why I want to try it. If you have any more ideas of things I need to eat then let me know in a comment and I will try and find them next weekend.


Yes yes yes I know, I am essentially an Anime fan and I have had Pocky many many times before so the idea of eating Pocky is nothing new to me. The thing is though Pocky has SO MANY FLAVOURS! that I need to eat more kinds. I have only ever had plain, mousse chocolate, mens chocolate, almond, strawberry, deluxe strawberry and Milk Pocky and I want to expand my Pocky world. I want to have Marble Royal Milk Tea Pocky, Cinnamon Apple Pocky, Peach & Strawberry Chocolate Pocky, Giant Cider Pocky and Mango Pocky. Pocky seems to have as many Flavours as Fanta does in Japan. Seriously Fanta comes in so many flavours I don’t think I’ll ever be able to taste them all. Pocky can be found in so many Animes but the ones I associate it with are Onegai Teacher, because she is OBSESSED with eating Pocky and Lucky Star because they are always eating Pocky. I think Konata tries to get Kagami to buy a huge box of it in one Episode!

2. Meat Buns/Nikuman

I am a Kanon enthusiast and in Kanon they are always eating Meat Buns. Yuichi is seen eating them and Motoko catches him and then they both are constantly eating them till that episode where Motoko goes back to where she came from. Ever since the first time I saw Yuichi attacking those Meat Buns I have wanted to try a Meat Bun. So I did some research into them to see if they are actually just Buns full of Meat and discovered all about them. They are essentially steamed buns filled with Meat and are sold as street food during the Winter. Meat Buns are also different depending on which region you are in and they have all types of fillings! You can get Pizza ones or Curry ones or Seafood ones. I think however I will stick to the regular Meat Kind when I go on my discovery next week. I’m sure I saw them in China Town.

3. TaiYaki

Another food from Kanon. Ayu-Chan was seen running away with Taiyaki she’d stolen from the stand in her first scene in the Anime. She runs off with Yuichi. Taiyaki from what I understand is a bread shaped in the form of a fish with Red Bean paste inside. I must be spelling it wrong because I can’t find any information on it via Google except one kid who bought some and found out it didn’t look anything like Ayu’s. So I am prepared for the fact that if I find Taiyaki next Saturday it may not look as good and as tasty as Ayu’s does in Kanon but it will sure as hell TASTE as good as hers looks.

4.Curry Pan

Curry Pan is like everywhere in Anime. I’m sure they eat it in every school cafeteria but the one Anime that springs to mind when I think of Curry pan is Girls Bravo. Miharu-Chan is getting used to the different food on Earth (ie she’s eating everything up) and is promised some of the schools famous Curry Pan. Unable to wait for it she goes in search of the school so she can get some herself. I’ve always been interested in Bread in Japan because it seems to be full of really yummy stuff and Curry Pan just sounds really good. Curry Pan is essentially a bun made of slightly sweet dough, filled with a spoonful of curry, breaded and deep fried. So kind of like the Meat Bun I guess. Though I would try all kinds of Pan, apparently filled Breads are Japanese speciality!

5.Japanese Curry

In FLCL Haruko serves up seriously spicy Curry to Naota, which he despises. In Lucky Star when the girls get lunch in the Cafeteria for the first time Konata gets the Curry and in Kanon when Shiori eats lunch with Yuichi in the schools cafeteria he gets her Curry and she thinks it’s too spicy. I always thought it was just like Indian Curry (being Indian myself I know a lot about curry) but from what I hear it’s thicker, sweeter and milder than Indian Curry and sounds like it would be good to eat! One of my friend raves about Chicken katsu Curry which she had once and I have always longed to try it. I think I will look for a pack of instant curry and add to that myself at home rather than eat it next week. I think I may be a bit full to eat Curry aswell as all the other stuff! Though I may stay away from the Spicy Curry, like Naota in FLCL I don’t like Spicy foods.


There is something about Instant Noodles that come from Japan or China that is more exciting than Pot noodles or Super Noodles that you get here. It may be the fact they have more things in them with the noodles and the sauces taste better and they are much cheaper than the Western equivelents. The Japan Center claims “he Japanese have come up with pots that will put those you can find in your local supermarket to shame! There are a whole host of soup flavours, noodle types, chilli strengths and toppings to choose from. From now on you will never look back! “. I have to agree. But no matter what I am going to buy a big bunch of Instant Noodles next weekend. In Air TV Yukito is dying for a Ramen Set to eat. I have never had Ramen, I must be the shame of the Anime Fan community but I just have never seen Ramen noodles to buy in the UK in Supermarkets. I don’t know why exactly. So I am going to hunt me down some instant noodles Japanese style and never look back! I am actually going to stock up on them so I have things to eat when I’m hungry and in need of a quick dinner.


In Aishiteruze Baby Yuzuyu-Chans fav food is Onigiri. I haven’t had Onigiri in years. I used to get some from the Sushi store in the Oriental City Shopping Center in London but recently I’ve had an addiction for the Satay Chicken Sticks and Rice from Yummy Yummy Thai. I like the Onigiri with fish in @.@ Mainly because I love seafood. But I would like to try the other kinds of Onigiri like ones with Pickles. I love Japanese Pickles, they are so good. Yuzuyu Chan is sure on to something with her obsession for Onigiri. And of course when I eat my Onigiri I will have to sing her Onigiri song! Oni Oni Oni Giri Giri Giri! Onigiri!

I am so hungry now.

Damn yummy Japanese food xD



  1. Don’t forget Konata’s chocolate cornet!

  2. OH YEAH! That you! I shall look out for it!

  3. MUHAHAHA! I’ve tried most of the food here except for Taiyaki and the countless flavors available that Pocky has.

    Definitely try 5+6+7!

  4. I love Pocky and onigiri! One more Japanese snack that I love eating is takoyaki.. It’s super good ^^

  5. random visitor~

    I love all those foods~!
    Yeah, Japanese curry is WAY milder than any other curry I’ve ever had. I’ve heard stories of people who regularly eat other types of curry say that even Spicy Japanese curry isn’t spicy. (Although I beg to differ, my resistance to spicyness isn’t that high)

    Ramen is sooo goood…. and if you get the non-instant kind, like at a Japanese restaurant or homemade at someone’s else place, omg!

    Oh, you’re spelling taiyaki right. ^^ haha… the one in Kanon is unrealistically perfect, I think. Here’s a pic I took when I visited japan of a little festival-like booth in Kyoto: http://xs511.xs.to/xs511/07025/DSCN1024.jpg
    It was cold, and the piping-hot tayiaki was a great treat. :3 (And I really love red bean sweets) If I had to compare it with something familiar… it’s like…. I dunno, a pancake with red bean filling.

    Curry and ramen. Simple Japanese foods that are AMAZING. You need to try those!

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