The start of something beautiful

October 11, 2007

I’m sorry, so so so very sorry. I haven’t blogged in ages (the vast majority probably didn’t even notice, in which case I’m not sorry at all). It took me ages to think about what I should blog about, thought long and hard, even bopped myself on the head to get me to think properly. Then it occurred to me that I’m now out of practice with writing because I’ve been so busy with uni stuff. Interesting uni stuff may I add. I recently co-founded a anime society. You would think that would be the first thing I would to think to write about, buuuuuttttt no. It took a good half an hr, several bops to the head, 4 phone calls to distract myself and a cup of tea to finally tap into the genius-ness I posses. I could write about that!!! *light bulb flickers on ouran style*

I am now the treasurer of an anime society at uni! Now to protect privacy I will not be referring to people by their real names. For example, liam; our sectary, will now be referred to as Mr X. The first thing that strikes me, running an anime society is how knackering it is, running around, trying to get things sorted on time. The second thing is, how nothing brings out the geek in people more than the prospect of joining an anime society. There I was, behind my desk at freshers fair and suddenly I was hit by screams from both fangirls and fanboyd alike. I found it so odd that the majority of people signing up for our club was totally normal looking people! Sorry if that offends people, but lets face it there is a anime fan stereotype. Usually they are wearing an item of clothing signifying their love for all things anime/sci-fi or they are skulking somewhere in the back puffing on their inhaler as being out in the daylight has brought on a bad reaction. None of that, nice normal people with no allergies to groups of people or daylight. From my little view behind my desk I chatted to many students that were so happy to found a home at this new and scary place called university. One was so happy he came back several times armed with anime and glomped all the committee members for making his year.

Even our first meeting was a success. Many people turned up and all were eager to get chatting about anime and make friends. We had a quiz then went to the pub. I even heard that a few got rather quite drunk after I had left, even Mr X (see I didn’t mention Liam’s name at all!). All in all a 100% success. My only regret is that I won’t be round to see these wide eyed fans to go through uni making friends as its my last year *sob*. At least I can now say I made my mark at uni. I can’t wait till our next meeting……. Its a beautiful thing.

Oh by the way lookit lookit, its me in cosplay as nanao form Bleach!Finally a cosplay I can be proud of lol.

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  1. I hope they carry it on after you leave! (;


  2. hey you are beautiful
    hehe glasses girl ^^;

  3. Wow I would definately like to see that cosplay in person do you give private shows? No i’m j/k but seriously you look hot as hell as nanao would rather see you cosplay as yoruichi though.

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