It’s All Lies.

October 12, 2007

So what have I learned from moves/anime/tv about love?

Well the one thing they all seem to have in common is when somoene in them is in Love they don’t give up. They just keep trying and trying till the get the guy/girl they are after. Take Risa in Lovely Complex. She doesn’t give up on Otani even though he rejects her twice. She just says she’s gonna try harder and try her best till he likes her. Then the dudes from Mallrats (I just watched it xD Sorry). They get dumped but in the end win their girlfriends back because they were both in Love and determined. Essentially what I have learned from movies/tv/anime about Love is it’s not that hard work, just you have to stick with it.

Problems are always overcome too. Carrie and Big went through this huge, weird relationship but ended up together because Big finally realised he loved Carrie and went to go get her. Ross and Rachel were destined to be together and how does Friends End? What’s its big finally? Ross and Rachel actually getting back together and being a family with their baby. They all seem to magically overcome their problems and the messed up pasts to just be happy and get on with things. Again Love is Easy, as long as you love him/her you will end up with him/her.


What have I learnt about love from Real Life?

Oh let us see *laughs* I am not a cynic. I do not think love is a joke or fake. I know love is real it’s just not so easy to say “I love so and so and therefore I am going to try my hardest to get them” Why is it not so easy to do that? Because there is this thing called being Desperate which all these films and tvshows and Animes seem to overlook. Rise is desperate and had that been real life Otani would have thought she was weird and clingy and kept hell away from her. You are conditioned into thinking that falling in love is easy. You like someone and they are bound to like you back but the truth is a lot harsher.

I know realtionships are hard work. I know things don’t instantly click into place and as cliche as it sounds I know the best things are the ones you work hardest for and fight for, but just for once I would like everything to fall into place. I think everyone has the right for things to go easy just once in life because to be honest I think it would be nice if everyone got to get love easy for once in their lives. Even if it’s not the love of your life you get wouldn’t it be nice to not have to work so hard at it? Of course I say this and I know that, as I said before, the best things are those you have to work for.

What is the point of this post?
I am unsure.
I just think that Love is harder than it seems.



  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptEssentially what I have learned from movies/tv/anime about Love is it’s not that hard work, just you have to stick with it. Problems are always overcome too. Carrie and Big went through this huge, weird relationship but ended up … […]

  2. […]What is the point of this post?
    I am unsure.
    I just think that Love is harder than it seems.[…]
    Someone has issues, possibly to do with relations or the ones of others. Myes?

  3. This does sound like a rant, but god i can relate to it.

    The problem is when you start swallowing the bull-shit that media will happily feed you about love and how relationships can and will work if you “love” enough. It just doesn’t happen that way, and even when you love someone you don’t actually love all of them. I have loved people but hated a part of them at the same time, it’s trickey.

    But hey, my situation right now isn’t much better from your post. I know at least 2 women who are interested in me but probably fall into the desperate category pretty well truth be told. I have no interest in them at all and only want to remain friends which they have a hard time understanding since i’m male. The other side of it is the girls i do like don’t actually like me in return. The last girl i asked out said i was not “alternative” enough. Just because i didn’t dress in a particular way i’m not boyfriend material… jesus, thats picky.

    Ah well, perhaps i’m just ugly and they are making excuses for me haha. Anyhow, this is my 2am rant so do i win a cookie?

  4. In the end I kinda wish life was a lot like anime =P

    Well… When it comes to love, I mean…

    I don’t exactly wanna go outside to go buy milk, then get attacked by some cyberpunk guy, run away like crazy from him, and step on an electric mouse which will shock me, and then fall over as I begin to faint, only to reach out and pull down a busty girl’s top, who will bash me into the air, then for some reason I have a smoke trail following me as I spiral into the sky…

    Anyways, where was I again =S

    Oh yeah ^-^ love!

    Here’s my shallow story =D

    I had a girl who was clingy and was petite, cute and shy, and a great cook… But when she got to know you better she was loud and crazy and had a major jealousy problem whenever another girl talked to me… Great choice for anime character material by the way =P Anyways, she fought like crazy to get me, and I felt damned special about it ^-^ Even though I was running away half the time…

    She sent me letters everyday, gifts and nicknacks, and so on… And she’s incredibly bold for a virgin, and it’s THAT which finally made me smack the table and say “If she isn’t anime then I don’t know what to call her”

    Then I met a busty alchoholic who was into anime, j-rock and gothic lolita fashion…
    Despite the busty one being more in anime culture than the previous girl, she was too much into reality… Like most people in the norm, girl chasing or boy chasing is seen as disturbing and creepy and comes under the term of “stalking”, and that’s what this girl believed…

    In the end, I ended up with the first girl, because as much as most guys love giant breasts and girls who are into nerdy stuff, I went with the girl who had the crazy commitment of an anime character… Because in the long run, it’s the one that will last forever ^-^

    I’m not ashaimed of her, or my choice, I simply stick to what I believe in =P

    Nice site by the way, I wish I heard of it sooner, I only discovered it today

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