October 15, 2007

So Lovely Complex has Finished and I am once again left with a Gaping hole in my Anime watching. I adored Lovely Complex not just because of the fact in was a Romantic Comedy Anime that focused on so much more than most Romantic Comedy Animes do (its jokes weren;t all about boys falling/groping girls boobs then getting hit for one thing) but the characters were just fantastic. They drew you in and kept you hooked.

Risa was the leading lady. A tall high school girl with a very strange personality. You start off thinking she may be shy or something and then you see some of the weird faces she pulls and forget that fact that she is actually a pretty girl! Otani at the start is annoyingly slow but by the end you can see why Risa isn’t giving up on him. He is sweet and a great guy and seriously if I ever find me and Otani IRL I am keeping him. The supporting cast were just as great! Nobu and  Naoko getting the prize for best supporting charcters by far. They were in this sickeningly sweet relationship and are so much in love but provide such funny comments on Otani and Risa at just the right moments. Chiharu going all Kaede from Shuffle?! mental on Suzuki is another great moment to watch as the supporting cast get to work. Not to mention Haruka (Risa’s old schoolfriend) Maity-Sensei (hot teacher) and Suzuki dressing up as Naokos harem to get him out of some trouble. That was hilarious.

Lovely Complex is a refreshing take on the High School Romance Genre of Anime and is just one of those Animes you will watch over and over again because it is just so good. You are left hanging about Otani and Risa all the way through as new troubles are presented and things occur. The characters are loveable and fun. I don’t know if you could seriously relate any realtionships you’ve had to any of them but it’s a good way of escapism if you can’t!

So what can I fill my Sunday Nights with now? I hear Clannad calling me!



  1. woohoo!! another lovely complex supporter!!! xD

  2. I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

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