Lucky Star Gets Licensed

October 29, 2007

So the news going around is that Lucky Star has be licensed by Bandai. *cringe* Is it me or does Lucky Star just not seem the type of Anime that is going to dub over very well? I mean I loved Lucky Star, it was one of those things you either love or hate really, but what made it so great and so funny were all the ties in to Japanese Culture and Cosplay and Anime culture in Japan. I am a bit of a Anti-Dub person and I think if they start messing with it so it relates to an American audience that it may lose some of what makes it special. I think its also really bad that they are saying “IF YOU LIKED HARUHI YOU’LL LOVE THIS” I mean I know there are lots of links to Haruhi in Lucky Star and Aya Hirano is the voice of Konata and Haruhi and the guy who produced Haruhi produces this (or directed, or wrote I can’t remember which one) but it doesn’t mean if you like Haruhi you’ll like Lucky Star.

I liked Lucky Star because for one thing I liked the characters. I know a lot of people didn’t think the character development was very good but if you stuck with it for a few episodes you did end up having favourites no matter what. I’m not a huge Konata fangirl but I loved the fact she represented how a lot of hardcore Anime/Gamers are. They do like to play their MMO’s religiously and they are sat ready and waiting to watch the latest episode of their Animes. Another thing is Konatas Pervy Father is going to have to be changed in the American version right? But he was so funny and it will be such a shame to lose his Pervyness!  I agree with the post on DarkMirage where they state the Otaku jokes in Lucky Star are a bit hardcore and a lot of fans may not get them. You have to be pretty into Anime to download it when it’s out in Japan and keep up with it every week and chances are that you do this every season with lots of Anime, but for those who just watch Dubs on TV… they ain’t gonna get Lucky Star.

Though maybe I am just being a total weeaboo  about it all and I should just accept that Lucky Star was a popular Anime and like a lot of popular Animes it was bound to get licensed and stuff. I’m not going to watch the dub… because lets face it after the Haruhi dub I steer clear.



  1. strongly agree with your 1st paragraph..how i, like you, doubt the success of Lucky Star in the US audience. I don’t follow every season’s anime, in fact i don’t watch a whole lot of anime, but i caught on Lucky Star coz it was brilliant and the references to Japanese culture just hit hard to anyone really familiar with the culture or stayed there for quite some time.
    And dubbing is always more yucky than original. Boohoo.

  2. Hm, you know, that was bound to happen, but won’t affect me. I am by no means an expert on this, but as far as I know, licensing works on a country-by-country basis, and so far the total number of animes licensed exclusively in Austria is 0.

    But yes, I see the problem with dubs, but again, I’m not as affected by it. German dubs are few and far in between, and usually pretty well made, mostly because a)When they actually go through the trouble of dubbing it, they put money into it. b)Japanese and German are both Syllable-timed languages, whereas English is a stress-timed language, so german dubs work better than english ones, as far as the synching is concerned. And that’s mostly what is the problem with dubs, because the lack of cultural transmission of some jokes isn’t exactly offset by the subtitles. (Oruchuban Ebichu was a horrible anime, but I love it because you had to pause ever two minutes to read an A4 page worth of cultural references explained in the subtitles.)

    So yah, too bad it’s being licensed, because I think a lot of the material is lost on the general TV audience who is more used to stuff like Shaman King or well, One Piece or so, but I’m not as much of a dub hater, though I do prefer subs. And either way, it has yet to be licensed here.

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