Neo Anime

November 12, 2007

As the UK Anime community all know the London MCM Anime Expo recently just passed and once again I was at it Cosplaying and running around after all my friends. I did an unusual thing this time round though, I signed up for a subscription to Neo Anime. Neo Anime seems to be, from what I hear, the UK’s most popular Anime magazine. We all know how I feel about Anime Magazines. I think they are a bit of a waste of time and to be honest with you the guy at the Neo Anime stand was no help in telling me about why Neo Anime was great. He was really unfriendly, I mean I know I went up there and said “I’m not a big fanof Anime magazines, is Neo Anime any good?” But I was being friendly and engaging. I wanted him to convince me that Neo Anime was amazing and wouldn’t just tell me about Anime I had been watching for years of about BLOODY GUNDAM WING every single month but he was a complete and utter idiot. He had no desire to talk to any of us whatsoever and the people who convinced me to sign up were two of my friends that were with me at the time and suggested I may like Neo Anime more that Total Anime or any other magazine I’d come across.

So yeah, well done Neo Anime on being awful at selling your product! It was a great chance for you to engage and you failed so badly.

I got my Issue of Neo Anime in the post yesterday and had a bit of a look at it. They gave away a free Manga with it which I thought was quite cool except I have volume 2 of a Manga that I have never read, surely it would make more sense to give away volume one? But you know I will read it none the less and if I enjoy it I will buy Volume one. What amused me was I was assured it wouldn’t be full of Gundam but it was like the Gundam issue! *laughs* Trust me to sign up to a Magazine that was having a 30 years of Gundam Issue. I couldn’t hold that against them, because unlike Newtype who seem to thrive on Gundam stuff this is the only Issue of Neo Anime I have seen Gundam in. So we will wait till next month to judge them on that.

I would like to complain about Neo Anime but it’s not really that bad. I didn’t read much about the Animes it had in it because I have seen them all before but I liked the other things. I liked the article on Female Japanese Bands, and the cooking section and the Cosplay Section. I liked the article on the Japnaese Anime industry and think that the Magazine is much better than others because they write about Japanese Culture and Anime Culture a lot more than most others do. This makes the fact I have half a magzine of Gundam and articles and reviews on Animes I have already seen a lot easier to deal with. I laughed at the UK Anime Charts *smiles* I would rather see new seasons reviews rather than whats coming to the UK on DVD. Is there no way around this? I’m sure there is a way to review Anime coming out in Japan each season and to do features on them without saying GO AND DOWNLOAD THEM FROM ANIMESUKI.

I am an Anime Snob. What is it someone once said to be? I take nothing seriously but my Anime. Haha I know that that is not the case but I would love something I could read on the train that was up to date. Well done Neo Anime though. Your magazine is decent.



  1. I buy Neo magazine every month.
    Its the best magazine.
    but it also has manga and asian film.
    And the magazine is not called Neo Anime, but “NEO”.

  2. dose any one know if there is a uk anime expo thi year and if so when where plz reply

  3. The MCM Expo is in May and in October.
    Also Amecon is in August and ALCon.

  4. Hi, this is my first time visiting your site. Conggrat.you have one more followers now 🙂

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