November 12, 2007



Is that a guy or a girl?

Seriously I have no idea xD

Someone enlighten me.



  1. I believe that is a female; she has a rather normal looking chest, and most crossplayers tend to mess up in that aspect. She also has too much of a waist/hip curve to be a male at that weight. (not to say she is heavy, she is fluffy~)

  2. This sounds like a Maury Povich episode…hmm. I think it is a guy…but I could be wrong. ^_^

  3. This is a prime example of why people who aren’t Japanese shouldn’t cosplay. I’m going to Ohiocon and I think one or two of my friends are goign to do a little cosplay. Hopefully they won’t do something stupid, if they do I will laugh my ass off.

  4. Aww, poor girl.
    im sure she put alot of effort into it.
    But she just hasnt got the right size and shape for meroko.
    I say “well done meroko cosplayer!”

  5. xD I have a disturbing Takuto pic I took at AX 2007 that would demean this pic even further lulz

  6. The guy on the left is my ex boyfriend who dumped me when I was expected into Juilliard without him kinda ironic lol

    • Accepted

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