A Procrastinators Dreams

November 29, 2007

I procrastinate. But to be honest with you I bet all of you at some point get bored when at work/home and randomly search around on Google for things to watch and see.  I was having one of these moments the other day when I read this article on Wired which suggests that we have “evolved” as such so that our computers are an extension of our brains. We look up facts on Google, we don’t remember email addresses or phone numbers now because they are just stored in our Gmail accounts or on our Mobile Phones. Apparently each generation is remembering less and less basic facts due to the fact we can access basic information at the press of a button. Why should we waste the memory space inour head remembering them?

I don’t think I’m so bad at this. I know my own cellphone number, I did know my home phone number till it was changed a few weeks ago, I know my bank account number and sort code and a lot of peoples emails off by heart. The things I forget are usually song titles (I can never tell you what a song I love is called. I just know the band usually) and peoples birthdays. I need to program my friends birthdays onto my phone so I can have a reminder a few days before. But actually Facebook takes care of that for me now. I know that if you took my phone or my laptop away I would probably be a bit lost. Not for information, but I would simply run out of things to do to waste time when I am waiting for something I have to go to or when I am just simply bored.

A lot of us are way too reliant on our computers. I know that I don’t stay in on mine every night of the week but I know people that do and it’s rather worrying I have to say. You can do pretty much all things from your PC now right? Talk to people, watch TV, watch Movies… you have access to everything so it’s easy to see why people tend to spend more and more time on the Interwebs than they do actually going out. I think that extreme is pretty bad, I mean there is a limit to how much you should spend on your computer surely? It’s not very healthy to not get out and about and I’m sure you’ll get some sort of health defects from sitting around all day staring at a screen. Everyone needs fresh air, excercise and a bit of social interaction everyday.

The thing about me and my PC is, whilst I can probably live without it, I wouldn’t want to live without it. Think about it, we have laptops, wireless internet connections, internets on our mobile phones and all sorts now so that accessing the Interwebs has become a norm. You may  not think it would affect you if you took it all away but it would, even if you don’t use your PC that much. One of my friends only uses her computer and is only online when she’s at work. She said she’d cope fine without having the internet on her PC at work but she wouldn’t. Her job is pretty slow and she spends ALL day on Facebook messaging people, browsing Youtube and listening to Last.FM. She would miss the internet if it was pulled. The internet is a procrastiators dream and no matter how much you deny you wouldn’t mind if it died and never reared it’s head again you totally would! You just haven’t realised how much you would yet.

What was the point to this article? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve noticed that at work time would go much slower had I not had the internet on my computer. I read articles on Wired and I read Blogs and I update Pink Domino and before I know it it’s 5pm and I can go home. I am so glad noone is planning to kill the internet. I know I would miss it!



  1. I have to say I agree, Im a University student and I have found that facebook really can just eat your time up if you let it! All of the time I find my self following a trail of links and groups and other things and generally (inadvertantly) stalking my friends. Thats before you even start to consider youtube or anything like that.

    yeah i guess im an addict who would struggle without the net! Sad Really!

  2. Its an interesting topic actually. I have written a fair few uni essays on it. I may post em up if people are interested in them. Try reading ‘Me++’ by William Mitchell, its all about the cyberisation of man and the internet. Lol I have only just finished writing an essay on his theories last week.

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